Monday, 29 August 2011

Productive Weekend = Picture Heavy Post!

Well what a busy weekend it has been and so much so that it hasn't felt like there has been a bank holiday!  Few orders made and sent off including this lovely one off bespoke Hello Kitty bunting.  It's very cute.  It was lovely to sit for a considerable amount of time to sew this and I really enjoyed making this one.  

Lots of shopping has been done this weekend to get things ready for when James starts reception class next Monday and which will be the first time he gets to wear proper full school uniform.  He's going to look so grown up.  It has cost an absolute fortune though and we also ended up in the toy shop and came out armed with more purchases!  Oops!

Look at this mess I found myself in yesterday...

Lots of messy ribbons which I have been waiting to tidy for probably about a year now but I sat on the floor and managed to get it to this...

Still not brilliant but soooo much better, I can see what I got and what I now need to buy and at least most of it is back on their spools and I have pinned them this time to stop them unravelling.

Lots of people have been emailing, texting etc about my Christmas decorations and putting their name down for some after the launch of the website in November so I thought I had better start making some more in readiness as it sounds like they may go quick.

Tonight I started on some more robins which have now been placed on my WIP pile.  I dare say the pile will be much bigger tomorrow!

I was having a little play last night with my felt wondering what I could turn it into and since I have just bought my first ever pinking scissors which by the way is amazing I thought I would chop up a load of circles in different sizes and see what I got and this is the result.

They are brooches.  Two layers of same colour felt sewn together with contrasting cotton to make it a bit more sturdy topped with a further two layers of smaller circles of felt and embellished with a polka dot button.  I think they have turned out really well and am quite fancying one or two for my winter coat!

Once they were done I thought I couldn't just leave them as they were so decided to make some packaging for them this morning.  Nothing fancy, just plain white card with my details on the front, simple but nicer than the brooches on their own.  The hard task now of course is cutting up tons of these bits of card for all the other brooches and anything else I have made over the last couple of months - that's gonna take a LOT of time but at least it keeps me busy!

Few more decorations made.

I've got a busy day ahead of me tomorrow so I'm off for an earlier night than usual.  It's around 11.15pm which is a novelty for me as its usually between 1am and 3am for me as I am turning into a night owl crafting away like mad!


  1. Wow you did have a busy weekend! I'm suitably impressed :)

    Good luck to your little boy for when he starts reception (and good luck to you too-it's heart wrenching on their first day to say the least!)

    Rhi x x

  2. Thank you Rhi. Dreading Monday - no doubt I will be worse than James!!! Hope you're having a good week x


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