Thursday, 18 August 2011

Decorations have taken over my house!...

... and it's only August!

My living room is looking so festive, it's lovely!!  42 decorations made in total so far and need to keep going.  Had a lot of interest already and people putting their names down to order when I am properly up and running so I don't think what I have made is anywhere near enough!!  Will have to get cracking!

Off to drool over some Cath Kidston goodies this morning as soon as the baby gets up (he's the longest sleeper ever!  It almost 10am and he's been there since 10 last night)!  Then home to make lemon biscuits and chocolate eclairs - I'm having a fat week this week.  Hopefully I can fit in some more sewing too.  Need to make a batch of mini washing up bottle aprons pronto.

I found Oscar asleep in my washing basket - the perfect excuse to not being able to fill it up with ironing and so don't feel so guilty for spending more time on making cute things!!

Loving lots of felty goodness - felt is such an amazing material to work with.  I am still on the lookout for some glass jars to store all my bit and bobs in - I've made a start...

Happy Thursday folks :-)

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