Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A Shopping Trip for Props!!!

Following my first craft fair on Monday night I have been having a good think about my table layout.  I was pleased with the way it looked considering I had never done a stall before and I know they will look better the more I do with practice but I really do feel my table needs a bit of height as having almost everything flat on the table is rather dull.


We paid a visit to Wyvale Garden Centre this morning.  Was only going to be for a look to get ourselves feeling all festive.  Kiddies were really excited with all the Christmas stuff on display.

And I fell in love with LOTS of things!!

So, for my craft table I found...

Sorry the pic is quite rubbish.  The stand is a lot bigger than it looks in the picture and I love it, especially the little dangling wooden heart at the top :-)

I will make sure I take pictures of it full off goodies at my next craft fair which is tomorrow.

I also bought a tree...

I have had a lovely gold pot for it too so I will put this on one end of the table.  Adds a bit more character and people can see my decorations a bit better.

Again, I'll take a proper picture tomorrow.

Really pleased with my two new props and they are things I can use at home afterwards.

I also couldn't resist these things...

pick n mix sweeties, a Cath Kidston mug, Santa ornament, Yankee Candle in Cinnamon.

I haven't had time to make my boys stockings this year as I wanted but I found these and really like them.  The gingerbread man is very cute which gets moved from pocket to pocket as the month goes on!

I couldn't resist this...
I am not normally one for fancy ornament type things but this was so festive and pretty and it lights up so I had to get it...

Tomorrow is my second craft fair.  I am surprisingly prepared.  All is packed and ready to go.  I will be at Rhyd Y Fro Primary School in Pontardawe so any locals please pop along.  It's 3.30pm - 5.30pm.

I spoke to someone today who said I could go along to another event on Saturday so naturally I said yes!  I must be mad but I am completely loving this.  Hopefully it will continue after Christmas although I am expecting it to dip quite a bit as January and February are quite dull months normally.

I'm off to finish watching Handmade Britain and sew some more flower brooches as I almost sold out of them on Monday and I have a new colour to add to the collection too.  Will post pics when finished :-)

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

My First Craft Fayre

Yesterday was my first ever stall.

Sunday was a manic day spent finishing off some sewing and packing everything up ready.

Firstly, look at all these decorations I have made (I have posted about them before but not all together)...

Sunday I set up a mock table in my living room...

I didn't want to turn up completely unprepared as I have never set up a stall before so I didn't have a clue how long it was going to take me.  I found that it took a LOT longer than I expected.  At the actual stall it didn't look as good as I wanted it too but I done well out of it nevertheless.

SORRY about the really naff photos.  Taken in a rush and I forgot all about picture taking when the doors were opened to the public as I would of liked to have got one with me in it and the final layout (I played with it quite a bit during the course of the night)!

I forgot to take a photo but at the end of the table as I put a couple of chairs together, covered them in a cloth and set some of my cushions out on it.  That looked quite nice and I think I would do that again if I have the space to do so.

I think it looked a lot nicer at home somehow.  The proper table was a much longer table and I think I need to add a bit of height to it at the middle.  I'm now thinking I should have got a little tree for the middle to put my decorations on.

I was really pleased with what sold.   Lots of cards sold, a peg bag, washing up bottle aprons, decorations, lavender bags, trinket boxes and I almost sold out of my flower brooches so my job tomorrow is to make up more for my next stall (which is Thurs) as they seemed really popular.

The raffle was drawn and some lucky winner took away the festive cushion I made.  I really do hope she likes it.  Remember it here...

I have also had...
...wait for it
...12 orders today!!!!
I am so excited and if any of you who have ordered from me today are reading this I want to thank you.  I really appreciate it when someone likes what I have made and appreciates the work that goes into creating handmade items.  I hope you like what you have purchased even more when you receive them.

Hope you are all having a good week xxx

There is still time to enter the competition to win a hamper.  Go visit THIS POST and leave a comment or enter via Facebook or through the website.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Slice of Cake Anyone???

Here you go...

Celebrate with me following a successful first day at being self employed by helping yourself to a slice of virtual cake!!!

I was lucky enough to have the real thing :-)

Unfortunately it was not home made - extremely short of time these days so Tesco done the job just fine!

I had some freesias.
I absolutely love these and as you can see they match the feature wall in my living room brilliantly.

Today has been brill.  I have had so many entries to the competition to win the hamper (details of which can be found HERE).  And also so many kind emails with comments, questions and a few orders.

Now I know the website works I can really concentrate on getting things prepared for my first craft stall on Monday.  There is a shopping and pamper evening to raise money for Action for Children and I am providing one of the raffle prizes.

I will now reveal what I have made for the raffle: -

Do you like it?

It's a long cushion using festive fabrics, ribbon and even Christmas tree buttons!!!  Eeek!
The cushion is backed with super soft wool mix red felt.  I have decided I will be making a few of these type things throughout next year to sell on the website.  Wish I could do some this year but I have run out of time.

Tomorrow I am off to the bank first thing to get my float sorted for Monday, finish off my snowmen and Santa decorations (they need stuffing and sewing up), then I have to put tags on all my items and pack up what I am taking on Monday.  I have decided I will transport it all in a suitcase if I can.  So much easier than faffing with lots of plastic boxes!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone whatever you may be up to xxx

Ps.  Can I just say thank you to Pretty Petal Handmade who blogged about my competition and said some lovely things.  It's great to make good bloggy friends xxx

Friday, 25 November 2011

WEBSITE LAUNCH!!! Enter the Competition :-)

It has been a long wait but the website is now LIVE and I can officially say I am self employed :-)

I am sooooooo excited :-)  Imagine a mad woman jumping up and down - that's me ;-)

Take a look and let me know what you think.  Constructive feedback is more than welcome

Competition is NOW CLOSED

You now have the chance of winning a hamper stuffed full of handmade goodies (and some chocolate)...

Instructions on how to enter the competition can be found on the website here: -

Website Launch Competition

It is really easy to enter.  I will outline what you need to do here also: -

You can have a chance of up to 3 entries to the competition by doing some or all of the following: -


1.  Leave a comment on this blog post. (feel free to mention the competition in your own blogs if you have one but this is not necessary).

2.  By "liking" the Facebook Page and by leaving a comment on the relevant post.

3.  By completing the entry form on the website here.


Really easy and completely FREE :-)

At the moment I will only be taking orders from those in the UK but the competition is open to anyone anywhere in the world and the hamper will be posted for free also so spread the word.

Close Up of Bag Charm in the Hamper

Can I also just say thank you to everyone who has left kind messages for me in the long setting up process via this blog, Facebook and personal emails - the response has already been overwhelming!

After the school run I am off to do the boring side of being self employed now and fill out forms for the tax man!!!  Then it will be time to reward myself with a LARGE slice of cake :-)

Happy Friday everyone!

Competition is NOW CLOSED

Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Eve of the Launch!!


I really cannot believe how quick this has come around.  

I am so excited for the website to finally go live tomorrow morning.  I have worked so hard over the last 6 months and this last week I have been up at 7.30am and sewing until 3am ALL WEEK.  I am exhausted on little over 4 hours a night sleep but will hopefully be worth it.  In fact it was about 6pm this evening I was chatting to my hubby, next thing, I heard a loud banging (James banging toys).  Looked at the clock and an hour had passed - I had dropped off mid conversation!!!

The website will be live by 10am tomorrow morning.  I cannot give a definite time as I want to go back through the site to check all the links and will have the school run as well.  I will announce on here, Twitter and Facebook when it is live.

Details of the LAUNCH COMPETITION is on the website but I will also put details on all the social networking sites as well.  Anyone can enter.  Completely free so make sure you take part :-)

See you tomorrow and you can let me know what you think of the site :-)

In the meantime keep in touch on Facebook - CLICK HERE

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Am I Mad??????...


The website is launched on Friday and I have just accepted an offer of a 5th craft fair - and all this is within two weeks of each other.

Does anyone know how to stay awake for roughly 14 days with no sleep?  Tips needed urgently!

A couple of cards I have received wishing me luck on my new venture :-)

And how cute is my little robin?  Another find from my London trip.

A few more handmade cards have gone out today but forgot to take pics - doh!


I have finally finished the hamper stuffed with handmade goodies ready for the competition which will start to run on Friday.

I was very tempted to give you a sneak peek but have decided to make you all wait until Friday!!!

Monday, 21 November 2011

An Award, a Delivery and a few other things!!

Well how exciting to receive another blog award.

Thank you so much Twinkles, Tutus and Twirls I am thrilled xxx

Apparently this means "Dearest" in German and is awarded to those with less than 200 followers.

Rules of receiving the award:-

1.  Thank the person awarding you and link back to them (which I have done) :-)

2.  Pass the award on to 5 favourite blogs and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.

3.  Copy and paste the award on my blog.

4.  Hope the people I have sent the award to will pass it on and keep it going ;-)

So I have awarded the Liebster Blog to:-

1.  Emma Bear Forever - Beautiful handmade items.  Go take a look.

2.  Wag Doll - I dream of making things like this talented lady :-)

3.  The Fluff Pot - Because I am in love with her felted robins and reindeer.  Super cute!

4.  Sew Ray Me - So many inspirational makes :-)

5.  Moonstruck Creations - Love this page.  Her collection of all things pumpkin is fab :-)


What's in here altogether then???

All will be available to purchase from the website from Friday :-)

I made a card for a friend's birthday...

I have finished all of the pudding decorations but I haven't taken a pic yet.

I have spent the last two days just doing website work.  Hours and hours of it.  Well over half way now.  I am so pleased with it, I feel very proud of it.  Hopefully there will be no glitches come Friday.  It's only a website but I am so nervous about the launch!

I love my birdies and I love the stand they are on too.  The stand is a photo holder and was a purchase from my London trip on the weekend.  Will have to get some more.  Don't think I want to part with the birdies!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Ideal Home Christmas Exhibition

I have had the most brill weekend in a long time.  We travelled up to London to go and see the Ideal Home Christmas Exhibition.

As planned I took my little bag packed with sewing.  I got a lot done on the way up.  Really pleased with what I achieved.

It was absolutely jam packed in central London and I felt so festive coming home.  I really want to go back already.

Look at all those trees :-)

A simply stunning meal at Gizzy's Restaurant - Rudolph pie!  My first try of venison.  I have put off trying it for a long long time but thought I would give it a go and it was the nicest meal I have had in a while.  Sat across from us was Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen tucking into his very own pie, mash and veg!!

I could smell this stand from miles away!  Absolutely stunning and I bought a few goodies.  I shall be ordering more from their website.  They are called Pollyfields.

Love this pic taken at Westminster.

Covent Garden was absolutely roofed.  So packed and I loved it.

Wish I could have these giant baubles at home!!

So so festive.  I could have wandered around here for hours.

I also discovered Sass & Belle.  Amazing things in here.  Needless to say I bought some goodies here too and again, I shall be ordering some more things from their website.

I'm off to tinker with the website.  It's gonna be a LONG hard grafting week this week as FRIDAY is LAUNCH DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still haven't finished the giveaway so I have that to be getting on with.  Christmas decorations are still not completely finished.  I want to set up a couple of mock craft fair tables in my living room to get it looking half decent ready for the first fair next Monday.  I don't want to turn up at my first fair wasting time setting up not having a clue what I want the stall to look like.  Little difficult mind not knowing where you will be placed in a room and what size table you will get but I can practice setting up.

Hopefully I will have lots of crafty things to show you next time :-)
Hope you've all had a good weekend xx

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Christmas Decorations - HALFWAY!

So busy (no change there then)!  

So I haven't been blogging as much as I would like to be.  I am hoping after the launch NEXT FRIDAY I will be able to organise myself a little better.

I am halfway through preparing Christmas decorations...

I still have snowmen, santas and puddings left to go!

Santas have been packed and they will be sewn on the train up to London on Saturday.  We are going to the Ideal Home Christmas Show.  Very excited.  Yes ok I may get a few strange looks sewing on the train but hey, I'm a busy gal and can't justify simply sitting there for 3 hours twiddling my thumbs!

My plan is to get most of the puddings done tonight...

I have prepared my tray ready to perch in front of the TV and watch Kirstie's Handmade Britain (which has actually now started) with a cuppa and some of this...

Some new fabrics I've had this week...

I couldn't resist this ribbon.  So cute...

Lots of stickers printed...

I have had a banner / sign printed which looks like one of these stickers.  I will be using it on my table at craft fairs.  I am so pleased with it.  I will have to take a pic of my craft fair tables.

A lovely customer wanted a girly birthday card made.

This is what I came up with...

And of course it was packed off with one of my cute little parcels.  I always send a little wrapped chocolate with orders.

Just over a week till the website launch.  It has come around so quick and I am nowhere near ready.  Website is a mess at present!  Oh dear!