Thursday, 4 August 2011

About Me!

Hello, I'm Emma - a craftaholic, workaholic, chocoholic and shopoholic!!  I'm from the UK - South Wales.  I have a husband who complains there is too many scraps of fabric, buttons and glitter all over the house and two young children who probably spend 95% of the time covered in the scraps of fabric, buttons and glitter!

James will be 4 at the end of this month (oh how the time flies) and William is almost 4 months old - he will not be a baby long either I'm sure.  It is right what they say - the older you get the quicker the time seems to pass you by!!  I'm now closer to 30 and am already scared at the prospect of the BIG 3-0!  And 30 is still young - who knows what I'll feel like by the time I get to 40, 50, 60!!!

Lets work backwards on my list - 

Shopaholic - I LOVE shoes, handbags and all things pretty but when you have children you seem to stop spending money on these things for yourself like you used to and buy cute clothes for the kids instead.  I also LOVE buying things for my home and garden - there are simply too many lovely things and many bargains to be had!  I love anything with polka dots - as you can see from my lovely spotty pink jug, tins and handmade bunting (which is also available to purchase in my online shop) (when my website is fully up and running).

Chocoholic - definitely one of the many reasons my BMI is currently through the roof!  Hotel Chocolat is one of my faves and I don't get to buy it often (thankfully)!  Chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream, chocolate milkshake, strawberries dipped in chocolate, chocolate biscuits, as long as its chocolate and has lots of calories I'll have it!

Workaholic - I am a Legal Assistant for a local law firm.  I love my job.  I am currently on maternity leave until the New Year.  I am also in the process of starting my own business.  

Craftaholic - My love for beautiful fabric and buttons grows daily!  Being a craftaholic is now also being linked with workaholic as I am in the process of turning my love for crafts, sewing, card making etc into a business.  

Sweet Williams - I'll be posting another blog about the business :-)

All my friends and family ask on many occasions where on earth do I find time to make so many things and look after two young children.  What they don't know of course is that my ironing pile is usually piled up to the ceiling, the sink full of dishes but that I am also mega super duper organised when it comes to all the other tasks!

If you got this far - thank you for reading xx


  1. Hello and lovely to meet you! Just read all they way through your blog and you sound just like me!!

    I too have two small children - my oldest is four and my youngest is 16 months. I also have an ironing pile the size of a small mountain, a sink full of dishes and am closer to 30 that I care to mention. Also, Im a craftaholic!!

    Look forward to hearing more from you and the launch of your exciting website in November!

    Rhi x x

    p.s. Im also from South Wales!!!

  2. Thank you so much for reading. Yes, you definitely sound like me!! And with 2 children it is difficult to be the craftaholic I always want to be - you probably feel the same!!

    I'm off to pop over to your blog with a cuppa and a biccie for a good read :-)

    Emma xx


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