Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!

Sorry, nothing spooky to report for Halloween.  We haven't had a single caller at the door yet!  The night is still young but I think the rain may put them off.

Pinned Image  

I wish this was my pic but it is not.  I have nabbed it from Pinterest!  I absolutely love everything about this.  The black, the orange, the pumpkins, especially the black cat!!  I even love the furniture!

So HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone :-)

On the crafty front...

I have finished 9 notebooks.  

All hand cut and hand sewn from wool mix felt.  Embellished with some pretty buttons.  Actual notebook is lined pages and is A6 sized.  Covers are removable so once the book is full a new one can be bought and the cover swapped over :-)

This doesn't look like much at the minute but this is part of what I have been cutting out for my Christmas decorations.  Almost 200 will be made (hopefully by the end of the week)!!!!

I started learning to crochet a few weeks ago and started to get the hang of it but then other stuff kinda took over so I forgot about it for a while.  BUT, I really wanted some crochet flowers for my keyrings / bag charms and brooches so my mum offered to do some for me to help me out.

Pretty colours :-)

And here are some of the bag charms I made this weekend.  Tempted to keep them all for myself!  What do you think?

Hope you have all had a good start to the week.

Emma x

Ps.  I had a few emails and blog messages following my last post about the two sicky boys.  Thank you - they are both on the mend, just left with a nasty cough which will no doubt last until February!!!

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Thursday, 27 October 2011

More Supplies and the House of Sick!

Felt, ribbon, buttons and fabric purchases.
I have lots in mind for these., including some fab brooches.  Watch this space!

Haven't been able to get as much done yesterday and this morning as planned as I have two very unwell little boys who need constant cwtches.  Got around 2 hours sleep last night and felt like death warmed up this morning - hence my Galaxy chocolate bar breakfast for a much needed sugar rush!!

Hoping to get the notebooks finished this afternoon though in between the cwtching, nose wiping and doing my hold the sick bucket duties!!!!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Busy weekend, busy start to the week.  With just over 4 weeks to go its utter madness, complete panic and working till the early hours.  But you know what I am having so much fun.  Setting up my own business has already taught me so much.  Who knows how much more I will learn when I am actually up and running.  

I have also been amazed at the feedback so far via blogs, emails and Facebook.  Thank you - people never cease to amaze me and am surprised how many people have been following my rantings!!

It was the 4th birthday of my son's best friend on Sunday.  We bought him a lovely Postman Pat playset so thought it only best I make him a Postman Pat card too!!  Lots and lots of glitter which I love :-)

I started making some flower embellishments for me to use on some cards.

The rest of my button order came through.  2,000 of these.

Which got counted out.  TWICE!!!

And then bagged in 10's...

My 4 year old was in charge of passing me the bags!!

Then I started to make packaging tabs...

And then stapled them all on.
Here's a sample

Then I neatly boxed them all up - almost 300 packs...

Here are the finished needle books.  They are so cute and soft :-)  And some feature some fab polka dot buttons - my fave!

I have chopped some felt, ironed it and made embellishments to make notebooks.  They will be this evenings job.

Sorry about the dull pic (light was rapidly fading away)

Then I tidied up today's craft area.

Much to do so I am off to make a start on the notebooks...

Friday, 21 October 2011


The first of my button deliveries came this morning.

I am in love with them.  Think I may just glue them all to myself so I don't have to sell them as they're very pretty.

I will be selling these in my online shop in bags of 10.

I popped into Shaws yesterday.  They have some lovely buttons in there.  I couldn't resist these glittery ones.  I shall be using these on brooches I think.

This morning I purchased 54 bars of chocolate!  No I am not being a fatty and keeping them all to myself but they will be included in each parcel as a token to say thank you :-)  (that is of course if I don't have a fatty moment this weekend and devour the lot)!!!

Happy Friday everyone :-)

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Too much to do...

... I don't know whether I am coming or going this week.

It has been super duper manic.

I starting chopping some of this

Into squares in readiness for my needle books.

To make the pages lovely and thick I am sewing two sheets of felt together for each page which means it is time consuming.  All the white ones have been done, just the coloured ones now and I also need to cut out some purple coloured ones.

I have cut out lots of felt and made embellishments ready for sewing onto notebooks (but I haven't taken pictures of those).

Today I bought 4 storage boxes (to add to god knows how many I already have).

My decorations are now neat and tidy and won't get squashed.

I tidied and done a stock take of Christmas decorations.

Still lots more to make.

I have made so many embellishments.  Haven't taken a pic of them all but what do you think of these little sheep?

I think he's quite sweet.  They will be for sale in the online shop and can be used for card making, scrap booking, sewing onto your own projects or anything else that takes your fancy.

I have ordered lots and lots of spools of ribbon in readiness to sell.  They are beautiful.

I have also ordered around 3,000 buttons to sell.

I can't wait to receive them so I can show you.

The remainder of my packaging has been ordered.  Only thing left now is bubble wrap!

I am now having a panic because:-

1.  Launch is on 25th November (5 weeks Fri) Yikes!

2.  Something very exciting may well be happening a few days later.  I cannot reveal what it is yet in case it doesn't go ahead but I am jumping up and down about it with a big grin!

3.  I have a craft fair on 8th December.

4.  I also have a craft fair on 10th December.

I have sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much to prepare I have got to the stage where I am now sitting looking at all I have to do rather than just getting on with it cos I am in panic mode.

To top it all off I also have a 4 yr old home from school this afternoon demanding everything under the sun so I have been playing servant and a grumpy 6 month old who I think is teething!!

And breathe....

Friday, 14 October 2011

Printing, Chopping and Embellishments :-)

Today I printed and chopped lots of thank you cards and stickers

Then I made lots of embellishments

Funky Flowers

Lots of trees.  Here's a few...

Lots of boots
Here's a sample

Then I had to make packaging for it all!
Here's a sample...

I just need to add my contact details to the headers now then they are done.

I'm off to chop lots of teddy bear shapes out of felt now :-)

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Ooooh its been a long day!

It's almost 10pm and I feel like I will be needing to reach for the matchsticks shortly.  It feels like it has been a veeeeeeeeery long and busy day but yet still so much to achieve before bedtime!  There really is not enough hours in the day.  The last few days I have been having late breakfasts (whilst standing), forgetting about lunch (too busy playing with the baby and sewing like mad) and having dinner way past 9pm!!  If anyone has any spare hours please please send them my way!!

How on earth I am going to do what I am doing now and cram in my day job when I start back in January I have no idea.  I'm trying not to think about that too much!

Remember these?

My customers have received their packages so I can reveal what greeting cards they were.......


I have finished a batch of medium and large sized heart decorations which I have made from Laura Ashley fabric.

And look at these wonderful deliveries I have had (some today and some yesterday).

Gorgeous rolls of felt.
I also got a few sheets in some other colours.

Lovely wooden heart shaped buttons so I could finish off the heart decorations (plus a load left over for new projects).

I am actually thinking of stocking these heart buttons together with some flower shaped ones in my online shop when its up and running.  Not sure how many people would be interested though so something to think about.

Colourful flower shaped buttons.  I absolutely love these and have something in mind to use them on.  Watch this space.

I love polka dots with a passion and when its polka dot buttons even more so.

Lilac and
Pale Mint

Finally, some new additions to my fabric stash

I am completely in love with all of these fabrics and I sat looking at them for a while this morning in a trance thinking what lovely things I can turn them into.

Even though its been a long day today the week seems to have passed by ever so quickly as it only seems like yesterday I was saying "Yay its Friday tomorrow" in last Thursdays post!

And tomorrow it shall be 6 weeks till launch date.  I'm starting to feel a little freaked out now in case I haven't got everything ready!!  In the last couple of weeks countdown I shall have permanent matchsticks attached to my eyes, having coffee straight from the jar and giving orders to anyone who dares pass my front door!!  If anyone wants to pop in and help..........

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A Busy Day!

Here is a preview of my new heart decorations which will be available to purchase from the website (when up and running).  These are the medium sized ones (approx 14cm long) and there are large ones too.  These have been made from Laura Ashley red and white gingham with a red grosgrain hanger and bow.  Finished with a cute wooden heart shaped button.  They are generously stuffed with plenty of fluff!!

I have tidied up one of my many gem boxes.  I have checked what is there and re-ordered stock to top it up.

I have made some lovely orders and packaged them complete with little token chocolate inside :-)

I cannot show you the orders though as the customers have not seen them yet but they are greeting cards.

I bought some fab papers which I think I will use for my packaging.  They are quite funky.

I also bought these gorgeous handmade papers - there are 35 A4 sheets in total.  Thinking of using some of this for packaging too as some of it is really thick.

My hubby, forever thoughtful thought he would buy me this book, thinking it is very apt for my business venture.  There are also sewing projects at the back which I haven't had a look at yet.  Very much looking forward to reading.

I have been wandering around my local Wyvale going "ooh" and "aah" as they have all their Christmas decorations out.  It's looking very festive and the chocolate and biscuit selection is to die for.  I shall be making another trip soon to stock up on treats :-)

Been a busy day today!

Until next time...