Monday, 5 September 2011

Anyone got matchsticks?

Happy Monday everyone - the start of a good week I hope.  However - has anyone got any matchsticks so I can keep my eyes open????  Busy busy all weekend and think I am running on empty now.

Took deliveries, bought more supplies, made stuff all weekend and then the dreaded school run today - James' first day in full time school.  I was absolutely fine and he just ran in without a backwards glance and came out so excited and asked if he can go again!!!  I must say I felt lost without him and was clock watching from lunchtime.  I had forgotten what a quiet house is as I didn't hear a peep out of William today.

Yes, I know you have seen these before.  BUT WAIT - who is that at the top right???  A new Santa decoration I have been working on.  Just this one has been made so far as I have been playing around with a design for about 2 weeks now trying to get it right and I actually really like him now so think I will be going with this.  Making a batch of these has now been added to that ever growing "to do list"!

The above is a bespoke card order I had just before the weekend.

These are some of the things I had delivered end of last week and the weekend.  Lots of wonderful things to keep me going.  I also got lots and lots of bias binding, 4 big bags of filling, other ribbon, more felt, and other bits and pieces.  Postman got fed up of knocking my door I think as he was also coming here with presents (ready for Christmas)!!

I have another two lots of bunting to finish and other orders for decorations, mini aprons, tote bag - here's a sample tote bag I have made: -

The last two pics are of a needle book I have made.  Sorry about the naff photos - the lighting was seriously bad when I took them.  Will post better pics another time.

That is it from me today.  Got lots planned so hope to be back next time with more pics xxx


  1. Oh my, those are some lovely goodies you've got there! Love the colour combo of the ribbons, and all that thread... Looking forward to seeing what becomes of it all :)

  2. I did LOL at the title of your post cos thats exactly how I feel at the moment! There just isnt enough hours - sleep will have to wait at the moment!

    So glad your little ones first day at school went well and Im a little envious of your crafty delivery :)

    Rhi x x


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