Sunday, 21 August 2011


I have actually sat down and have started making myself a list of "things I need to buy" and the all important "to do list".  It is actually starting to look quite scary already and I am not even half way through yet!

Kiddies have gone to my mother in law for the weekend - woo hoo - 1st time I have had a whole weekend to myself to do sewing in a long long time - probably about 3 years so I am making the most of it - although some time was taken out this evening for me and hubby to go to the cinema and I devoured a much too large box of popcorn so now I feel rather sick!

Here are a few pics of recently made items which will be stocked in the online shop when it is up and running.  (I shall be revealing the launch date tomorrow) 

Spotty Dotty Bunting

Pack of Spotty Dotty Tea Towels
Cupcake Tea Towel

Pack of Floral Sage Tea Towels
That all important launch date shall be revealed tomorrow and hopefully I shall have more photos for the blog.  

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