Monday, 29 June 2015

Behind the Scenes Update and News!!!

Honestly, I really don't know where the time goes!  I feel like I've been on that hamster wheel lately... constantly on the go, going round and round and round!  I think I have finally surfaced and order is being restored!

So many things have been going on behind the scenes.  New stockists, new products, events, a ton of sewing workshops, lots of work with local schools, including a big group of Catalonian children today, which was so much fun.  Despite the slight language barrier, I managed to get every child sewing and taking home a project to be proud of.  Can't help feeling a little proud myself!  Thank you Rhigos Primary School for having me and thank you to the Catalans for being fantastic.

There are lots of changes happening as Sweet Williams is finally expanding like I've always dreamt it would.  Surprising how a bit of hard work, a bucket full of patience and complete commitment can shake things up a bit!!

So, what are the big exciting changes???

I have learnt that I am mega pants when it comes to my own accounts and paper work and all paper shuffling related thingymajigs, despite being a uber organised so and so normally... so, from 1st July that is all now being passed over to someone else with far more patience and capabilities than myself who has complicated spreadsheets with fancy formulas all ready to rock and roll to tell me at the end of every day what has been spent and earned where!!!  Things just got serious!!!

Lots of you may know that I have a new sewing studio based in Pontardawe, attached to a gorgeous tea room and cake shop.  Here is my studio, before during and after... although it has undergone a bit more styling since this photo with lots of pretty bunting hung on the walls.





It has become too small.  Orders are coming in thick and fast and I have come to the conclusion that I simply cannot cope on my own in this space any longer.


I have decided to take the leap to employ my first member of staff!!!  Yikes!!

Watch this space over the next few months... Its incredibly exciting, but equally scary at the same time.

Now then.  Two of us cannot possibly work in the current space...



Only down the stairs... same building but a MUCH bigger space.

This is going to be my new studio...

Its an amazing space and a whole lot bigger than it looks here.  I'm going to be able to have a dedicated cutting table, permanent workshop space for sewing machine workshops, a work station for my new fabulous employee when she starts and just a whole lot of space to throw fabric round and have plenty of sewing fun!!

I really am very very excited.

I am hoping to move over the next couple of weeks so will be posting lots of during and after photographs for you to see its transformation!!  I think lots more bunting making needs to happen to make it look very pretty!!

Do pop in to the tea room where I am based if you are heading over to Pontardawe.  Blissful Bakes make freshly baked cupcakes and proper coffee with comfy seating in a beautiful setting.

Well worth a visit and you must pop your head round my door to say hello and gasp over the fabric and button collection!!!

 From September both my children will be in full time school, so I'll be at my studio each day from 10am-2.30pm and everything will be a little more structured, which I am really looking forward to.

So, as you can see, its all go here.  My order book is almost full to bursting and all I can say to that is thank you... thank you for keeping my busy.

My next project in between orders and moving will be to get my website updated... it will soon have lots of new products on there and sewing kits too, plus an updated list of workshops and events.

Its been a busy day, so I'm off to fill the teapot and have a lie down!!

Stay tuned...

Love Emma xxx