Friday, 30 September 2011

Nothing, Zero, Zilch!

Yep, the title of this post pretty much sums up what has been happening the last two days!

Oh dear oh dear indeed!  I have SOOOOOO much to do in so little time but I have done absolutely bugger all.  I think this is what the problem may be.  I have so much on my mind - lists - actual lists, virtual lists, lists with not much crossed off them, lists waiting to be updated!  Then there comes the mess - I have pulled out a lot of my felt, fabric, ribbon etc and it has been sat there for days looking at me willing to be made into something amazing but I have no idea where to start.  And that fabric pile I showed you the other day...

This one...

is still sat in the same place begging to be ironed as I STILL have not done that either!!

Do you ever get days like this?  Where you feel generally happy, nothing wrong but feel so overwhelmed by having so much to do that you actually just end up looking at it for hours (or in my case days)!!

I did have a delivery yesterday -

125 - yes 125 metres of red bias binding in readiness for making my Christmas bunting!  I think I had better get my skates on - it's October tomorrow and the Christmas fabric is sat in that ironing pile!

I have just made myself a giant hot choc (the cup is more goldfish bowl sized) so I will have that, maybe a biccie or two (bugger the diet - that's gone out the window as well) and perhaps write another list!!!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Yay I won an Award :-)

Hello all,

I find myself half way through a busy week already and a happy bunny as I have won this award...

How cool is that - my first award and a big thank you to Pretty Petal Handmade who awarded it to me.  Please grab yourself a cuppa and head on over to her lovely blog for a read.

I understand that on receipt of this award I must pass it on and also share 7 facts about myself (oh dear this is where you are all going to fall asleep)!!!

Firstly, I pass on this award to: -

Sew Ray Me - who has a lovely blog full of all the things I love and which I enjoy reading - please go and have a look.

and also

Coco Rose Diaries - a blog full of loveliness.  Take a peep and you'll see what I mean :-)

Ok, here are the 7 (probably dull *yawn*) facts

1.  I won "Slimmer of the Year" back in 2008 as voted for by "Now Magazine".  I lost almost 6 stone in around a year.  I am now very guilty to say that since winning I put ALL of the weight back on but have now lost just over 3 stone of it again since May so I am halfway to goal.  I WILL keep it off this time!

2.  Whilst I also work for myself my day job is a Legal Assistant for a local law firm.  I am currently on maternity leave with baby number 2.  Here I am with my two monsters!

3.  I have a strange obsession with squirrels and strawberries!!  I am also starting to REALLY love toadstools!!  Look at Coco Rose's blog above and look at the amazing toadstools she's just bought *eek* :-)

(strawberries grown in my garden this summer)

4.  If it's got calories I'll have it - especially of the sweet variety esp chocolate!  Hence the fact I put all that weight on TWICE!!  Cupcakes, home made sponge birthday cake, Fry's Turkish Delight, Baklava and Welsh Cakes are amongst my faves!

5.  The main reason I am starting my business is because I have realised in the last couple of years that buying high street (whilst there is nothing wrong with it and I still buy from the high street as it is highly practical and affordable) it is the thought of it being off a conveyor belt, thousands of people will have bought the same item, nothing is personalised specifically to what you want, doesn't always last forever.  I want to spread the message that handmade doesn't have to cost the earth, will last a lifetime if looked after and giving handmade to friends and family (or just treating yourself of course) is more special and thoughtful as there won't be any mass produced products.

6.  My absolute dream would be to live in a big old converted barn on a farm with lots of animals, a petting zoo for the kids, a farm shop with bistro and shop selling all my handmade stuff.  Instead me, lovely hubby and the kids live in a small mid terrace with no chance of moving anywhere soon!!

7.  I am in love with my Pink Lining changing bag.  I love the fact that it looks like a really cute bag and not one that's simply stuffed with nappies!!  Oh and of course it has a fab cupcake on the front.

Phew - well done if you got this far.  You probably need a stiff drink after all that!!

Here is my fabric ironing pile which I still haven't yet got round to doing.  All washed and dried but the thought of ironing 30 yes 30 metres of the stuff is giving me the wobblies!  Think I need another piece of cake first!!

Embellishments will feature on the website.  I have realised there are lots of people wanting to make their own things and for card making and stitching projects I have come up with a handful of ideas.  I am keeping the best ones under wraps for the website launch but here is a peek at two different lots.

Felt trees with gold stars and diamanté's.

Mini padded hearts finished with some mini red grosgrain ribbon and a diamanté.

Until next time...

Monday, 26 September 2011

Spots, Flowers and Yet More Christmas!!!


Hope we all had a good weekend.  They sure do go by way too fast.

For me it was spent playing trains, having a clear out of some cupboards (always put it off but feel much better after its done), eating plenty of junk food and making these...

A super chunky spotty draught excluder (plenty of fabric varieties will be available to purchase from the website when up and running).  This chunky one will definitely be keeping the draught out this winter!

Matching spotty door stop with matching handle.

I really love these, they have turned out well and I was soooooo excited to get my super giant bag of fluff out to fill up the draught excluder - although it attacked me when I opened the bag.  The bag said it had been vacuum packed and they were NOT JOKING as it practically exploded on opening.  James (my 4 year old) thought it hilarious his mammy covered in fluff!

Flower brooches finally got finished.
We have Bright Pink
Plum and

I'm not sure yet if i should add any more colours.  What do you think???  Something bright like yellow maybe???

 Felt covered notebooks.  I am totally in love with these.  These will be standard designs available when the website is up and running.  I still haven't decided which one is my fave one yet!

Today I bought some wonderful Christmas fabric (10 metres in total).  There is a really lovely feel to this fabric and the last of it is in the washing machine as I type.  Can't wait until it is dried and ironed so I can play with it.  I have decided to make Christmas Bunting out of it which people can pre-order.  Can't wait to make these but first I MUST remember to order my bias binding for it as I haven't got that yet.

I am now scratching my head as to what to make next.  I have such a long to do list and don't know what to do first.  It may be a good idea to find a home for all that packaging I received last week as at the moment it is sitting in the middle of the floor waiting for someone to trip over it!

I am hoping for a dry day tomorrow to get all the fabric dried then I have the horrid task of ironing it all.  UGH!  If anyone's offering...

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Deliveries and New Brooches

It's almost Friday!  Yay!

My lovely packaging supplies was delivered yesterday - 2,000 gift bags and 2,000 PINK mailing bags.

A funny looking package delivered today which is a big bag of fluff so I can finally stuff my draught excluders.

4 flower brooches finished and another 4 a work in progress.  Only managed to get this far today but have been doing a bit of sorting and tidying of all the craft stuff too.  I am now looking for a new home for the bags and fluff.  My house is turning into a warehouse - desperately want a proper workroom but that's not gonna happen for a long long time!

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Sorry to be mentioning the "C" word but it is now only around 14 weeks left to go!
I have done most of my Christmas shopping - mega organised this year.  Only hubby and 1 child left to get for so I am happy with that.

A selection of decorations and cards I have been making.

Wonderful felt and new fabrics.  The stripey one I shall be turning into aprons and totes for men as somehow I don't think they'll be wanting to wear my cupcake design ones!!!

I have been busy cutting YET MORE mini aprons for washing up bottles - 18 cut ready in total.  Just need sewing now which is the time consuming part.

I made a cute pillow pin cushion.  I shall be making more of these in various colours for the website.  This one is a bright pink polka dot on one side and teal the other with co-ordinating polka dot buttons.

An email has told me my packaging products have been dispatched so I am keeping everything crossed I receive them tomorrow.

I have also just ordered a HUGE bag of hollow fibre so I can finally get round to filling up my draught excluders which have been sewn but have been sat there for weeks wanting stuffing so that will be another job ticked off the list.

Do you find though that as soon as one thing gets ticked off the list at least another 3 things get added????  Mind boggling that!

That's it from me for today!

Monday, 19 September 2011

The Three "F's"

Three "F's"



Which my folks brought over today as it is our wedding anniversary tomorrow.  5 years - how time flies!  Wish we were back in Hawaii now...


Lovely lovely lovely Laura Ashley Gingham.  (Sorry, lighting not great).  Thinking of some ideas where I can use this.


A small selection of mini lavender bags.  They smell wonderful!

Today I have ordered all of my packaging supplies which will be delivered later this week.  I am soooo excited.  I have absolutely no idea where I am going to store it all when it arrives as it is several thousand gift bags and mailing bags!!!  

My name is down for a small Christmas Fair in December so I am now jotting things down which I need to take / make etc.  I'm thinking Christmas cards, decorations, Christmas bunting for definite so I am now on the lookout for some really nice Christmas / Festive fabrics.  Will let you know if I find any...

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Peg Bags :-)

Today I have been a busy little bee making peg bags.  I am so pleased with the way they have turned out and shall be on the website to purchase from 25th November.  Cupcakes and polka dots :-)

Will be making some more flower brooches this weekend no doubt...

But first I'll be cutting some templates out in readiness for making door stops and watching Dr Who!!

Friday, 16 September 2011

Sad News of the Miners

Such sad news to hear about the four miners who lost their lives today.  Not far from where I live - what a tragic way to go.  My thoughts are with their families and friends.

I saw this poem.  I don't know who has written it otherwise I would credit them...

There's a cry in the valleys , tears in the West
Mourning the heroes that wear the pit vest
Underground grafters always put in a shift
Below the hillside in the deep dark drift
Theyre not coming home to their children their wives
... The mine once again takes cherished lives
The coalfields of Britain all unite in your mourn
We're all the same breed We're pit village born

May the heroes sleep peacefully, may the community stay strong
RIP xxxxxxxx

In crafting news today I have been very busy finishing off my batch of santa decorations and have been making lots of peg bags.  

10 weeks today until the big launch.  Starting to panic now in case I don't get everything done.

Some pretty lavender stacks I made recently.  They smell fab!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Mainly Aprons!

I have been making lots and lots of aprons...

Mini ones for washing up bottles.

Here's one in action...

Sold a load of these recently.  I love making them but they are time consuming and fiddly as they are so small.  Look cute when finished though.

Children's Cupcake Apron.  I absolutely love this.

Close up of the pocket - pink polka dot fabric with cupcake appliqué finished with two polka dot buttons.  Cupcakes, polka dots and buttons all at once - my heaven!!

Recent card order.  Simple but pretty, I really like this.

I must admit I had a bit of a panic this morning.  I got stung by a wasp (palm of my hand).  My whole hand went numb, couldn't feel my fingers.  First thought was OH MY GOSH I can't do my sewing!  Thankfully after about an hour the feeling came back and just had a pins and needles sensation all day.  Completely fine now, just a bit sore.  Amazing how something so small such as a wasp can cause so much panic!

Was nice to pop into work (my day job) today to visit my lovely colleagues.  Lots of kisses and cuddles for William.  Starting to count down the days until I will be back there.  Time is flying by.  I have no idea how on earth I will manage my day job and meet the demands of Sweet Williams come January.  It's going to be manic!

AND how exciting is it that this afternoon I had a knock at the door.  It was my parcel of Mini Moo Cards.  They are fab.  Super quick delivery too.  Love them.

Designed some new packaging and info cards to pop in with orders.  Started gathering some ideas for handmade Christmas cards to sell.

Yet another couple of busy days.  See you in my next post xx

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Another Busy Few Days!

Yep, it's been mad again the last couple of days.  Don't think there will be much let up either until the New Year now and you know what - IT'S FAB!  I am working hard towards getting everything ready for the big launch (Friday 25th November) - still AGES away but I have soooooo much to do.

Some of my fave purchases above - red gingham ribbon and pink flower buttons.

And I also found some of these fab buttons...

I have been busy making orders this weekend.  So far...

How cute are these mini aprons for washing up bottles!!!!  I love them.

I now have an order for another 7 aprons so that should keep me busy tomorrow.

I had A LOT of fabric delivered a few days ago.  Some amazing stuff but I just had to show you this - MONKEYS!!  I absolutely love this one.  I have no idea what I am going to do with it yet but I couldn't resist it!

My hubby went to the capital to meet up with a friend today and look at the prezzie he brought back for me...

I was mega excited to say the least.  My toes are now snuggly warm.  Perfect as its freezing tonight!

I have almost finished a batch of Santa and Robin Christmas decorations so I hope to be back soon with pics of those and I'll be sure to post a pic of the next batch of aprons I do.

Have a good weekend all xx