Wednesday, 10 August 2011

New Projects - Christmas - yes Christmas!!!

Yes I know it is August and it's the summer holidays but it is time to start thinking about Christmas folks.  I have been hard at work designing and cutting out templates to make very pretty Christmas tree decorations and I must say they are starting to look very cute and very festive.

Check them out

Needless to say that after cutting out a LOT of little bits of felt and starting to sew on little buttons my fingers are in shreds!

My almost 4 year old has been equally excited as he thinks Santa will be here any day and has asked when we are putting the tree up!!!!  Strangely we have not watched Santa Claus the Movie for a couple of months now!  I am starting to think there's a little bit of Christmas all year round in this house and usually come December I'm fed up of it.

Still speaking of Christmas I have started my Christmas shopping and have done for pretty much all the family!!!  Just got hubby and the kids to do.  James has already ticked everything he wants in the Argos catalogue - which is pretty much everything that's not pink!!

A large mug of coffee is calling so I'm off to wake myself up with that, entertain the kids on this drizzly day and do more sewing and I may even have a tinker with the website later.

Happy day to you all x

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