Thursday, 11 August 2011

Work in progress and other things...

Well, the Christmas decorations I'm afraid to say are still a work in progress!!  Was hoping to have got the majority of them done by now but it has just been manic here and with two nippers to entertain when all it wants to do outside is rain is trying at times.

The snowmen have been finished and the Christmas trees are almost done but nothing else :-(  

On the plus side I have just received an order of some yummy scrummy hand dyed flower shaped buttons and some gorgeous citrus coloured polka dot giant buttons.  I cannot wait to start using these.

I am now also on the lookout for little jars to keep my buttons in.  I am favouring the Douwe Egberts coffee jars at the moment as they are the perfect size and I like the style of the lids (v. sad I know).

Today was the first proper shopping trip in a long time.  The thought of taking two children round a supermarket scares the living daylights out of me so I was dreading it.  I usually do an online shop once a week but we were running a bit low so had to make the trip.  And I was pleasantly surprised - two very well behaved boys.  No tears or tantrums and managed to stay within budget too.  RESULT! 

Want to get some more of these decorations done this evening as there will be no chance of doing anything tomorrow as I am taking the boys to the capital to look at the dinosaurs, have a Krispy Kreme and look around all the toy shops!!  No doubt a very tiring and expensive day out, but at least it keeps the boys happy!

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