Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Orders and plenty of Pics!

Yesterday afternoon I received two separate orders for greetings cards.  I love making cards.  This is what I made and they have already winged themselves off to my lovely customers.

Remember this:

This has now become this little fella:

I think he's quite cute even if he don't look perfect - bit lumpy - will have to correct that on the next one!

In the meantime - lovely fabric order delivered earlier in the week:

I cannot bring myself to chop it all up just yet so I have spent a few days admiring it and going ooh and aah.  Yes, I do think I am slightly mad at times!

Look at this pretty little keyring / bag charm - YAY - something I have made recently that is not Christmas related!!  I have made a whole selection of these in all different shapes (to include hearts and birds).  I love them as they include all of my favourite things - felt, buttons, ribbon and a splash of fabric (Cath Kidston on this one).  They are all double sided.

Not sure I will have much time to make anything tomorrow or indeed blog - we'll see.  My folks are collecting the children in the morning, I'm off to the capital to pay a visit to Ikea and Hobbycraft, pick up some M&S food for James' 4th birthday on Thursday, find some gifts for pass the parcel, collect the cake, wrap presents so will be a busy one.

That's it from me for now.  I am off to sort out the kiddies, admire the new fabric a little more and plan what I can do next.


  1. Lovely new fabrics you've got there! Love the one on the far right - perfect for cutesy baby things :)

  2. Thank you Sew, ray, me. Just hopped over to have a nose at your blog - I am loving the elephants and the PJ bottoms! I went to Ikea today - how could I not know they sell fabrics - I was in my element!


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