Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Mainly Aprons!

I have been making lots and lots of aprons...

Mini ones for washing up bottles.

Here's one in action...

Sold a load of these recently.  I love making them but they are time consuming and fiddly as they are so small.  Look cute when finished though.

Children's Cupcake Apron.  I absolutely love this.

Close up of the pocket - pink polka dot fabric with cupcake appliqué finished with two polka dot buttons.  Cupcakes, polka dots and buttons all at once - my heaven!!

Recent card order.  Simple but pretty, I really like this.

I must admit I had a bit of a panic this morning.  I got stung by a wasp (palm of my hand).  My whole hand went numb, couldn't feel my fingers.  First thought was OH MY GOSH I can't do my sewing!  Thankfully after about an hour the feeling came back and just had a pins and needles sensation all day.  Completely fine now, just a bit sore.  Amazing how something so small such as a wasp can cause so much panic!

Was nice to pop into work (my day job) today to visit my lovely colleagues.  Lots of kisses and cuddles for William.  Starting to count down the days until I will be back there.  Time is flying by.  I have no idea how on earth I will manage my day job and meet the demands of Sweet Williams come January.  It's going to be manic!

AND how exciting is it that this afternoon I had a knock at the door.  It was my parcel of Mini Moo Cards.  They are fab.  Super quick delivery too.  Love them.

Designed some new packaging and info cards to pop in with orders.  Started gathering some ideas for handmade Christmas cards to sell.

Yet another couple of busy days.  See you in my next post xx

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  1. Poor you - getting stung by a wasp! Glad you are back to your sewing self! Love the aprons too, they are just too cute! x


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