Monday, 19 September 2011

The Three "F's"

Three "F's"



Which my folks brought over today as it is our wedding anniversary tomorrow.  5 years - how time flies!  Wish we were back in Hawaii now...


Lovely lovely lovely Laura Ashley Gingham.  (Sorry, lighting not great).  Thinking of some ideas where I can use this.


A small selection of mini lavender bags.  They smell wonderful!

Today I have ordered all of my packaging supplies which will be delivered later this week.  I am soooo excited.  I have absolutely no idea where I am going to store it all when it arrives as it is several thousand gift bags and mailing bags!!!  

My name is down for a small Christmas Fair in December so I am now jotting things down which I need to take / make etc.  I'm thinking Christmas cards, decorations, Christmas bunting for definite so I am now on the lookout for some really nice Christmas / Festive fabrics.  Will let you know if I find any...

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