Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Sorry to be mentioning the "C" word but it is now only around 14 weeks left to go!
I have done most of my Christmas shopping - mega organised this year.  Only hubby and 1 child left to get for so I am happy with that.

A selection of decorations and cards I have been making.

Wonderful felt and new fabrics.  The stripey one I shall be turning into aprons and totes for men as somehow I don't think they'll be wanting to wear my cupcake design ones!!!

I have been busy cutting YET MORE mini aprons for washing up bottles - 18 cut ready in total.  Just need sewing now which is the time consuming part.

I made a cute pillow pin cushion.  I shall be making more of these in various colours for the website.  This one is a bright pink polka dot on one side and teal the other with co-ordinating polka dot buttons.

An email has told me my packaging products have been dispatched so I am keeping everything crossed I receive them tomorrow.

I have also just ordered a HUGE bag of hollow fibre so I can finally get round to filling up my draught excluders which have been sewn but have been sat there for weeks wanting stuffing so that will be another job ticked off the list.

Do you find though that as soon as one thing gets ticked off the list at least another 3 things get added????  Mind boggling that!

That's it from me for today!


  1. Wow, you've been busy and very organised too! I haven't even started shopping yet! I have started making Christmassy decorations though - I have my priorities right lol! x

  2. Jeez, you have been soooo busy! Loving all the stuff you have made! You are so much more organised than me. :( x

  3. Oooh, lovely items you've made there...especially loving the Santas, hearts and trees :)


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