Monday, 26 September 2011

Spots, Flowers and Yet More Christmas!!!


Hope we all had a good weekend.  They sure do go by way too fast.

For me it was spent playing trains, having a clear out of some cupboards (always put it off but feel much better after its done), eating plenty of junk food and making these...

A super chunky spotty draught excluder (plenty of fabric varieties will be available to purchase from the website when up and running).  This chunky one will definitely be keeping the draught out this winter!

Matching spotty door stop with matching handle.

I really love these, they have turned out well and I was soooooo excited to get my super giant bag of fluff out to fill up the draught excluder - although it attacked me when I opened the bag.  The bag said it had been vacuum packed and they were NOT JOKING as it practically exploded on opening.  James (my 4 year old) thought it hilarious his mammy covered in fluff!

Flower brooches finally got finished.
We have Bright Pink
Plum and

I'm not sure yet if i should add any more colours.  What do you think???  Something bright like yellow maybe???

 Felt covered notebooks.  I am totally in love with these.  These will be standard designs available when the website is up and running.  I still haven't decided which one is my fave one yet!

Today I bought some wonderful Christmas fabric (10 metres in total).  There is a really lovely feel to this fabric and the last of it is in the washing machine as I type.  Can't wait until it is dried and ironed so I can play with it.  I have decided to make Christmas Bunting out of it which people can pre-order.  Can't wait to make these but first I MUST remember to order my bias binding for it as I haven't got that yet.

I am now scratching my head as to what to make next.  I have such a long to do list and don't know what to do first.  It may be a good idea to find a home for all that packaging I received last week as at the moment it is sitting in the middle of the floor waiting for someone to trip over it!

I am hoping for a dry day tomorrow to get all the fabric dried then I have the horrid task of ironing it all.  UGH!  If anyone's offering...


  1. Love the pink polka dot fabric! Kind of wish I had a draught to exclude!! LOL!

    Lovely lovely makes as always x x

  2. I have plenty of draughts in my house lol! Love the pink polka dots, so pretty! The Flowers are too cute, yellow would look fab! x


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