Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Too much to do...

... I don't know whether I am coming or going this week.

It has been super duper manic.

I starting chopping some of this

Into squares in readiness for my needle books.

To make the pages lovely and thick I am sewing two sheets of felt together for each page which means it is time consuming.  All the white ones have been done, just the coloured ones now and I also need to cut out some purple coloured ones.

I have cut out lots of felt and made embellishments ready for sewing onto notebooks (but I haven't taken pictures of those).

Today I bought 4 storage boxes (to add to god knows how many I already have).

My decorations are now neat and tidy and won't get squashed.

I tidied and done a stock take of Christmas decorations.

Still lots more to make.

I have made so many embellishments.  Haven't taken a pic of them all but what do you think of these little sheep?

I think he's quite sweet.  They will be for sale in the online shop and can be used for card making, scrap booking, sewing onto your own projects or anything else that takes your fancy.

I have ordered lots and lots of spools of ribbon in readiness to sell.  They are beautiful.

I have also ordered around 3,000 buttons to sell.

I can't wait to receive them so I can show you.

The remainder of my packaging has been ordered.  Only thing left now is bubble wrap!

I am now having a panic because:-

1.  Launch is on 25th November (5 weeks Fri) Yikes!

2.  Something very exciting may well be happening a few days later.  I cannot reveal what it is yet in case it doesn't go ahead but I am jumping up and down about it with a big grin!

3.  I have a craft fair on 8th December.

4.  I also have a craft fair on 10th December.

I have sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much to prepare I have got to the stage where I am now sitting looking at all I have to do rather than just getting on with it cos I am in panic mode.

To top it all off I also have a 4 yr old home from school this afternoon demanding everything under the sun so I have been playing servant and a grumpy 6 month old who I think is teething!!

And breathe....


  1. Wow you have been busy! I think your website is going to be a huge success - you have so many beautiful things to sell, I am in awe of how you have got so much accomplished already! Well done - go and treat yourself to some choccies (always works for me lol!) P.S Thanks for mentioning 'My Fabric House', I recently purchased some bits and was very impressed with their service and products. x

  2. Those needle books are so cute! And those big rolls of felt look very inviting!


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