Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A Busy Day!

Here is a preview of my new heart decorations which will be available to purchase from the website (when up and running).  These are the medium sized ones (approx 14cm long) and there are large ones too.  These have been made from Laura Ashley red and white gingham with a red grosgrain hanger and bow.  Finished with a cute wooden heart shaped button.  They are generously stuffed with plenty of fluff!!

I have tidied up one of my many gem boxes.  I have checked what is there and re-ordered stock to top it up.

I have made some lovely orders and packaged them complete with little token chocolate inside :-)

I cannot show you the orders though as the customers have not seen them yet but they are greeting cards.

I bought some fab papers which I think I will use for my packaging.  They are quite funky.

I also bought these gorgeous handmade papers - there are 35 A4 sheets in total.  Thinking of using some of this for packaging too as some of it is really thick.

My hubby, forever thoughtful thought he would buy me this book, thinking it is very apt for my business venture.  There are also sewing projects at the back which I haven't had a look at yet.  Very much looking forward to reading.

I have been wandering around my local Wyvale going "ooh" and "aah" as they have all their Christmas decorations out.  It's looking very festive and the chocolate and biscuit selection is to die for.  I shall be making another trip soon to stock up on treats :-)

Been a busy day today!

Until next time...


  1. Such a pretty heart. Red and white have always been a favorite color combination of mine. Sweet papers, and the book your husband chose looks like a great choice!

  2. Love that fabric heart, so pretty! I bet you had fun tidying up your gem box - I really need to get mine all in one place too! x

  3. Love the gingham heart - so cute!


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