Thursday, 6 October 2011

Hey Little Birdie..

 Tweet tweet tweet...

These will be featured when the website is up and running
7 weeks tomorrow till launch day folks
Very excited and very nervous at the same time!

 Key rings / bag charms


On mentioning the launch I have just drawn up a list of things to make for the launch freebie competition and its going to be VERY exciting.  It's a long list (around 20 items) of fabulous handmade goodies to either keep all to yourself or give some to friends and family as treats.  More details to come soon.

Make sure you tell all your friends / blog friends to take a peep to be in with a chance of winning.

By the way - Sweet Williams is on Facebook

Add as a friend here: -

You will be able to enter the launch competition either via the blog or Facebook!

I am going to do some more sewing of my reindeer Christmas decorations this evening - they seem to be taking forever because I am picking them up to do for only 10 mins at a time in between other jobs!

On the bunting front, the flags have all been tidied, turned the right way round so all that is left to do is the bias binding - I'm getting there slowly!  I will have a bunting tutorial coming up soon (probably won't be until towards the end of the month though).  I shall keep you posted!

Ps.  It's Friday tomorrow - YAY :-)


  1. Wow - these are lovely! Im sure they will fly off to customers as quickly as you can make them!

    Really looking forward to seeing the reindeers too. And the competion sounds very exciting, cant wait!


  2. PS I second the YAY for Friday tomorrow - its been a long week...


  3. Ooh I love your birdies! So cute. I'll add you on FB too, can't wait for the competition and good luck on your launch.


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