Thursday, 13 October 2011

Ooooh its been a long day!

It's almost 10pm and I feel like I will be needing to reach for the matchsticks shortly.  It feels like it has been a veeeeeeeeery long and busy day but yet still so much to achieve before bedtime!  There really is not enough hours in the day.  The last few days I have been having late breakfasts (whilst standing), forgetting about lunch (too busy playing with the baby and sewing like mad) and having dinner way past 9pm!!  If anyone has any spare hours please please send them my way!!

How on earth I am going to do what I am doing now and cram in my day job when I start back in January I have no idea.  I'm trying not to think about that too much!

Remember these?

My customers have received their packages so I can reveal what greeting cards they were.......


I have finished a batch of medium and large sized heart decorations which I have made from Laura Ashley fabric.

And look at these wonderful deliveries I have had (some today and some yesterday).

Gorgeous rolls of felt.
I also got a few sheets in some other colours.

Lovely wooden heart shaped buttons so I could finish off the heart decorations (plus a load left over for new projects).

I am actually thinking of stocking these heart buttons together with some flower shaped ones in my online shop when its up and running.  Not sure how many people would be interested though so something to think about.

Colourful flower shaped buttons.  I absolutely love these and have something in mind to use them on.  Watch this space.

I love polka dots with a passion and when its polka dot buttons even more so.

Lilac and
Pale Mint

Finally, some new additions to my fabric stash

I am completely in love with all of these fabrics and I sat looking at them for a while this morning in a trance thinking what lovely things I can turn them into.

Even though its been a long day today the week seems to have passed by ever so quickly as it only seems like yesterday I was saying "Yay its Friday tomorrow" in last Thursdays post!

And tomorrow it shall be 6 weeks till launch date.  I'm starting to feel a little freaked out now in case I haven't got everything ready!!  In the last couple of weeks countdown I shall have permanent matchsticks attached to my eyes, having coffee straight from the jar and giving orders to anyone who dares pass my front door!!  If anyone wants to pop in and help..........


  1. Love all the goodies, I would never get anything done if I had all that fabric and buttons to look at! Sometimes I buy stash and think 'it's too pretty to use!' I would love those wooden heart buttons, they would be a great addition to your online shop! Sending extra energy your way.... x

  2. Oooh I'm so envious of your stash of lovely items!


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