Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Back on Form!

After Friday's post I sat and I wrote lists and more lists and you guessed it - more lists but you know what - it made me feel so much better to have a thorough note of ALL the things that need to be done to get this business properly up and running and ok, the tasks total around 100 "to do's" but I have been spending all my free time working through the list.

I have cut out lots more bits of felt and ribbon for making Christmas decorations (but I haven't taken a photo of those yet).

Some of this fabric:

has now been chopped up into 150 triangles

My hands were rather sore after marking out 150 templates and then cutting them all out, even though I enjoyed it.

And then of course was the job of sewing them all up:

I am over half way so I am pleased with my progress.  Tomorrow's job is to finish sewing up the rest, then turn them the right way, tidy them up ready for the bias binding.

Perhaps I should do a bunting tutorial.  Hmmmm something to think about maybe.

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  1. Ooh, would love a bunting tutorial - I love a good tutorial me, and sewing is not my strong point so maybe that would be a good place to practice! x


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