Thursday, 27 October 2011

More Supplies and the House of Sick!

Felt, ribbon, buttons and fabric purchases.
I have lots in mind for these., including some fab brooches.  Watch this space!

Haven't been able to get as much done yesterday and this morning as planned as I have two very unwell little boys who need constant cwtches.  Got around 2 hours sleep last night and felt like death warmed up this morning - hence my Galaxy chocolate bar breakfast for a much needed sugar rush!!

Hoping to get the notebooks finished this afternoon though in between the cwtching, nose wiping and doing my hold the sick bucket duties!!!!


  1. aww poorly household! Hope your all feeling better soon. Being ill is the worst! Love all your supplies! The look amazing. Is your shop open now? Would love to check it out as i am a crafty beginner and in need of cute supplies!
    Rachel :)

  2. Hope your boys are better soon! x

  3. That all looks lovely, especially those mini buttons and the fabrics :)

  4. Thanks for the lovely comment and following at my blog,I just love all your fabbytastic fabrcs and buttons and embellishments,can't wait to see what you make,good luck with everything and I HOPE YOUR LITTLE POPPETS ARE FEELING BETTER !!
    XX Manda XX

  5. Love your blog...hope you feel well soon...nothing beats the cuteness of buttons. xo


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