Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Busy weekend, busy start to the week.  With just over 4 weeks to go its utter madness, complete panic and working till the early hours.  But you know what I am having so much fun.  Setting up my own business has already taught me so much.  Who knows how much more I will learn when I am actually up and running.  

I have also been amazed at the feedback so far via blogs, emails and Facebook.  Thank you - people never cease to amaze me and am surprised how many people have been following my rantings!!

It was the 4th birthday of my son's best friend on Sunday.  We bought him a lovely Postman Pat playset so thought it only best I make him a Postman Pat card too!!  Lots and lots of glitter which I love :-)

I started making some flower embellishments for me to use on some cards.

The rest of my button order came through.  2,000 of these.

Which got counted out.  TWICE!!!

And then bagged in 10's...

My 4 year old was in charge of passing me the bags!!

Then I started to make packaging tabs...

And then stapled them all on.
Here's a sample

Then I neatly boxed them all up - almost 300 packs...

Here are the finished needle books.  They are so cute and soft :-)  And some feature some fab polka dot buttons - my fave!

I have chopped some felt, ironed it and made embellishments to make notebooks.  They will be this evenings job.

Sorry about the dull pic (light was rapidly fading away)

Then I tidied up today's craft area.

Much to do so I am off to make a start on the notebooks...


  1. Wow, busy busy! You are so organised - my brain would melt counting all those buttons!! Love the needle books, they look very cute x

  2. Oh wow, you are so busy and yet so organised! I'm amazed at the amount of work you've done, well done! x

  3. I wish my craft fair stock (and dining room table) looked that neat and tidy! I have a tidy up and my sewing things only take up a quarter of the table....I do some sewing and it sprawls further and further until we're perched right at the end of the table to eat our dinner! (Then it's time to tidy up again!)


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