Saturday, 26 November 2011

Slice of Cake Anyone???

Here you go...

Celebrate with me following a successful first day at being self employed by helping yourself to a slice of virtual cake!!!

I was lucky enough to have the real thing :-)

Unfortunately it was not home made - extremely short of time these days so Tesco done the job just fine!

I had some freesias.
I absolutely love these and as you can see they match the feature wall in my living room brilliantly.

Today has been brill.  I have had so many entries to the competition to win the hamper (details of which can be found HERE).  And also so many kind emails with comments, questions and a few orders.

Now I know the website works I can really concentrate on getting things prepared for my first craft stall on Monday.  There is a shopping and pamper evening to raise money for Action for Children and I am providing one of the raffle prizes.

I will now reveal what I have made for the raffle: -

Do you like it?

It's a long cushion using festive fabrics, ribbon and even Christmas tree buttons!!!  Eeek!
The cushion is backed with super soft wool mix red felt.  I have decided I will be making a few of these type things throughout next year to sell on the website.  Wish I could do some this year but I have run out of time.

Tomorrow I am off to the bank first thing to get my float sorted for Monday, finish off my snowmen and Santa decorations (they need stuffing and sewing up), then I have to put tags on all my items and pack up what I am taking on Monday.  I have decided I will transport it all in a suitcase if I can.  So much easier than faffing with lots of plastic boxes!

Have a fantastic weekend everyone whatever you may be up to xxx

Ps.  Can I just say thank you to Pretty Petal Handmade who blogged about my competition and said some lovely things.  It's great to make good bloggy friends xxx


  1. Yum, thanks for the virtual cake! The flowers are lovely, lucky you!

    That cushion is very fab and festive, it will make some lucky raffle winner very happy!

    Have a great weekend and good luck with the craft fair! x

  2. I'm so pleased the launch went well, I had a good nose around your shop, all your creations look amazing.
    Have a great weekend. Ju x

  3. Oh bless you for mentioning me! I was really happy that the launch went well so was happy to report on my blog!

    Huge congrats again for yesterday, the site looks AMAZING!!

    Rhi x x

  4. Ooh that cake looks wonderful! I like your flowers and the pillow is most pretty and cute! Somebody will love it!
    Nice blog.

  5. OOh yum yum cake! So pleased your launch went well, and thats a lovely raffle prize! x


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