Thursday, 10 November 2011

Just a Quick Post...

I have been so busy the last couple of days.

I haven't taken photos of everything (including the ones of the dolly pegs I promised last time) but here is a preview of some other stuff...

More reindeer has been made.
26 in total.

Holly decorations are half done.
There will be 26 of these also.

17 mini aprons for washing up bottles!  They are almost done.  Here they are before I started sewing them up.  Pics of them finished to follow...

Some felt, ribbon and buttons arrived this morning.

Including 54 mini spools of gorgeous ribbons.  Satin, grosgrain, polka dot and Christmas themed.

And the most amazing twirling stand to store them all in.
I am in love!

But of course that does mean only 2 WEEKS till LAUNCH DATE!!!!
Excited, nervous, too much to do but enjoying!

Oh and I have also accepted a 4th offer for a craft fair all within the space of 2 weeks of each other.  Am I mad?  Definitely!


  1. Oooh, I saw that ribbon stand on paper-and-string you are so lucky to own one - jealous much! Your other bits are coming along fab too! With regards to craft fairs, I say go for it! There are none in my area unfortunately! x

  2. Fab ribbon stand! I haven't for the space to twirl a cat, let alone one of those ;)

  3. The ribbon stand is beautiful, I need one - I love it.
    I dont think youre mad to take on another craft fair - I think it shows how much you love what you do xx

  4. are busy and everything is so lovely! Wish I could come to your fair. xoxox HUGS


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