Sunday, 20 November 2011

Ideal Home Christmas Exhibition

I have had the most brill weekend in a long time.  We travelled up to London to go and see the Ideal Home Christmas Exhibition.

As planned I took my little bag packed with sewing.  I got a lot done on the way up.  Really pleased with what I achieved.

It was absolutely jam packed in central London and I felt so festive coming home.  I really want to go back already.

Look at all those trees :-)

A simply stunning meal at Gizzy's Restaurant - Rudolph pie!  My first try of venison.  I have put off trying it for a long long time but thought I would give it a go and it was the nicest meal I have had in a while.  Sat across from us was Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen tucking into his very own pie, mash and veg!!

I could smell this stand from miles away!  Absolutely stunning and I bought a few goodies.  I shall be ordering more from their website.  They are called Pollyfields.

Love this pic taken at Westminster.

Covent Garden was absolutely roofed.  So packed and I loved it.

Wish I could have these giant baubles at home!!

So so festive.  I could have wandered around here for hours.

I also discovered Sass & Belle.  Amazing things in here.  Needless to say I bought some goodies here too and again, I shall be ordering some more things from their website.

I'm off to tinker with the website.  It's gonna be a LONG hard grafting week this week as FRIDAY is LAUNCH DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still haven't finished the giveaway so I have that to be getting on with.  Christmas decorations are still not completely finished.  I want to set up a couple of mock craft fair tables in my living room to get it looking half decent ready for the first fair next Monday.  I don't want to turn up at my first fair wasting time setting up not having a clue what I want the stall to look like.  Little difficult mind not knowing where you will be placed in a room and what size table you will get but I can practice setting up.

Hopefully I will have lots of crafty things to show you next time :-)
Hope you've all had a good weekend xx


  1. Wow, looks like you had an amazing weekend!! All those photos look so festive.

    CANNOT WAIT until the launch on friday!!!

    Good luck with getting everything ready. Sending you lots of luck and wishing I could send you a few more hours in the day :-D

    Rhi x x

  2. Lovely pictures, looks so Christmassy! Glad you had such a fab time!

    Best of luck with sorting everything for Friday, very excited for you! x

  3. Being a London girl I miss the atmosphere that Christmas creates, I miss it every day :( Covent Garden is the place to be x

  4. Hi, me again! Just want to let you know I have awarded you the Liebster blog award! Hope you like it and good luck for Friday! x

  5. Wow! This event looks like a dream to attend! I am so dreamy eyed right now. Blessings to you this season!


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