Thursday, 3 November 2011

Not Stopping Long...

Can't stop long - absolutely manic!
Tomorrow there will only be 3 weeks left until launch date.

Sew much to do sew little time!!

I have nowhere near finished the website.

I haven't taken all the photographs for the website.

I have 3 craft fairs to prepare for.

Anyone want to pop round and organise me as its complete chaos here this week.

This little lot is in the process of being whipped into some lovely things.

I have a few trays of these in the process of being made ::

I have tons of Christmas decorations waiting in line patiently to be sewn up.

I have been making flower brooches today.  Will post pics when they are finished.

I had an order for 3 cards.
The request was for one with daffodils, one with gardening and one with a tomato plant on!!!

What do you think?

And remember I showed you these chocolate bars which were for putting with each order as a little thank you...

No, before you think anything I haven't eaten them!!

I am having fun wrapping them up like this...

Aren't they cute????

A couple of days ago I ran something on my Facebook Page where the 100th fan would receive a free handmade gift.  The lucky person bagged themselves one of these...

I may offer a gift for the 200th fan too.

These Santa decorations as well as a couple of other bits have been featured on the Kirstie & Phil Facebook page.  Excited much that my things are there.

I'm off to do some more sewing now :-)


  1. You are very organised - I am so impressed! I love those little birdies and the Santa's! V. impressed they were on Kirstie and Phil's page - you must be chuffed! You are so restrained in not eating those little choccies, I think a few would go astray in my house ;) x

  2. The Santas are so cute, and I love the tomato plant card!


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