Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Eve of the Launch!!


I really cannot believe how quick this has come around.  

I am so excited for the website to finally go live tomorrow morning.  I have worked so hard over the last 6 months and this last week I have been up at 7.30am and sewing until 3am ALL WEEK.  I am exhausted on little over 4 hours a night sleep but will hopefully be worth it.  In fact it was about 6pm this evening I was chatting to my hubby, next thing, I heard a loud banging (James banging toys).  Looked at the clock and an hour had passed - I had dropped off mid conversation!!!

The website will be live by 10am tomorrow morning.  I cannot give a definite time as I want to go back through the site to check all the links and will have the school run as well.  I will announce on here, Twitter and Facebook when it is live.

Details of the LAUNCH COMPETITION is on the website but I will also put details on all the social networking sites as well.  Anyone can enter.  Completely free so make sure you take part :-)

See you tomorrow and you can let me know what you think of the site :-)

In the meantime keep in touch on Facebook - CLICK HERE


  1. Good luck for tomorrow! Well done on all your hard work, I think you have earned a big bar of chocolate (and a good night's sleep lol!) x

  2. So exciting! I cannot believe you've been up working so late, you must be shattered.

    Can't wait to see the site - finally!

    Good luck!!


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