Friday, 30 December 2011


Hope you have all been having a wonderful Christmas.
My two boys have had a ball.

I am feeling a little sad at the moment as I return to my day job on Tuesday after having 10 months off on maternity leave.  It will be very hard to leave the kiddies.  On the plus side I do go back part time and I shall be attempting to keep Sweet Williams going at a rapid pace as normal - although I most definitely will be needing matchsticks!!  If I'm not around as much as normal in January it will be because I am getting used to a new routine!  Wish me luck :-)


I had a few new bits delivered before Christmas which I haven't shared with you yet.

When it was delivered I didn't want to open it as look how it arrived...

And this was what was inside...

I have lots planned for this and indeed have already used two of the fabrics to make a little draw string bag and a purse - new things for 2012.  I haven't taken any pics of them yet though.

My eldest boy is 4 and the poor thing still has Winnie the Pooh in his bedroom!!!  So many things have got in the way that it hasn't been changed.  Anyway, its been decided he will be having a nautical themed bedroom which I hope to make a start on in January.

You will see in the pic above a fabric at the top left with little anchors on.  This along with the few either side of it will be going towards making bunting for his room.

I also got some of this ribbon I'll use in his room.  It is mega cute...

I shall be making his curtains, bedding and cushions myself and may even have a go at covering his bean bag (never tried that before so if anyone has got any tips)...

This is the fabric I will be using...

I have chosen paint and will be getting that soon.  I will make sure I take pics when the room is finished - it may take me quite a while though!!

I have had a go at making a felt daffodil brooch.  Will be perfect for spring and since I am from Wales  I shall be proudly wearing one on March 1st!  I haven't added them to the website yet as I may tweak the design a little.

The flowery fabric behind the daffodil is a Cath Kidston bag which my hubby bought me as one of my Christmas pressies!  He knows what I like!  He even got me a little Cath Kidston tape measure for my sewing box :-) amongst lots of other fabby things :-)

I shall have lots to show you soon so I do hope you will pop back to check out my new makes.  Thank you to my new followers on here and on Facebook - I look forward to reading your blogs and following your posts in 2012 :-)

Have a fantastic New Year however you may be celebrating - for me it will be snuggled up on the sofa in my pyjamas eating as much chocolate as is physically possible and sewing to my hearts content!!


  1. Hee hee. Eating chocolate to your hearts content. I like that! You got a nice little fabric stash there, can't wait to see all you do with it! The daffodil is very cute!
    Good luck with your new routines! My New years resolution.. Eat more chocolate!
    Happy New Year!
    Little Susie Home Maker

  2. How can I have missed your lovely blog??? Your table also looks wonderful and the nautical bedroom sounds very exciting! I shall be following you to see how it develops. Thank you for following me - and Happy New Year! xxx

  3. There's a really easy bean bag in Cath Kidstons Sew book - a big rectangle Of fabric with 2 circles for the top and bottom. The long edged of the rectangle are sewn to the perimeter of the circles (and gathered) and there's s zip between the 2 short rectangle edges.
    Hope this kinda makes sense!

  4. Ooh lovely fabric! I love the nautical theme idea - my kitchen has a bit of a nautical twist! Can't wait to see the end result! Love the Daff - being a Welsh girl too I would have too lol! Happy New Year! x

  5. oh my, love love love the fabric!

    I popped into our local crafty shop yesterday as I had a discount voucher that HAD to be used... stocked up on some lovely wool felt and rements of lovely cotton fabric.

    And guess what?? They are having a massive sale next Saturday...might just need to pop back...

    Happy New Year to you all - hope the return to work goes well. I remember going back after maternity leave...


  6. sounds like your sons room will be fab. good luck with returning to work x

  7. Love your fabric, and bet your son's room will look great!!
    Just came over from Kitty Eden's blog, and would love to see you at Clover Cottage & Shabby Polka dots : )

    Sharon xx


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