Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas and a BIG Thank You!


I am probably more excited than the kids!!
I can't wait until they go to bed and are fast asleep so I can put all the presents out and then to see their faces light up tomorrow morning.  Christmas is magic again when you have children.

This year has been a year of great things including the arrival of baby William in April.

James' Christmas concert

And of course the launch of Sweet Williams!

Can you believe that Sweet Williams was launched ONE MONTH ago tomorrow!  In just one month I have done 6 craft fairs, sold lots and lots of handmade goodness, held a competition and had a magazine feature!

Not bad going for my first month!

What will 2012 bring I wonder???
Hopefully another exciting year.

I also go back to my day job on 3rd Jan.  I am going back just 3 days a week but I have no idea how I am going to fit everything in!  We'll see how things go.

A BIG thank you to everyone who has followed me in setting up my business and for all the support and advice I have been given.  I hope you stay with me so you can watch how my little business will hopefully grow into something special.

I know this is on Facebook but I can't remember whether or not I have blogged about it!  Here is a preview of what is to come next year.

Very large hand embroidered cushion.  I have a few other things up my sleeve so watch this space!

For 2012 something that is definitely on the agenda is getting the message across to as many people as possible is that hand made can now be modern and very professionally made.  I want to express to as many people as possible that as brilliant as the high street is how many of you have purchased gifts or something for yourself that 10,000 other people have also purchased???  When buying handmade you are buying something that is either completely unique or something that is nowhere near mass produced and maybe only 20 people in the whole world have the item.   This makes handmade products seem much more attractive in my opinion.

Who's with me then on a mission to change the way the general public think about craft in 2012???

Everyone of you have a fantastic Christmas and New Year.  I may or may not blog over the festive period so in case I don't I shall see you all next year all ready for an amazing year.

Emma xxx


  1. Happy Christmas, albeit a bit belated!

    Congrats on your success, Im sure everything will go from strength to strength next year!


  2. Hello! I've just discovered your blog and wanted to stop by and say well done on your success during's to a bigger and better 2012! x

  3. Your stall looks wonderful, and I hope you are getting used to your new time at work x
    I will definitely join your mission, I agree with it wholeheartedly! Buy some thing beautiful, handmade with love, and unique!!!

    Sharon xx


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