Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Stuck in a Lift...And a Button Swap...

Yes, stuck in a lift - that was me yesterday!!

Popped over to Hobbycraft to stock up on a few last minute bits.  When I got there the lift was out of order and all the sewing supplies are upstairs.  I had William with me in the pram so didn't fancy tackling the stairs with him and a basket.  Went to the till to see if I could leave the pram behind the counter with the intention of carrying William.  "Oh, the lift should be fine" I was told, "we've been using it for deliveries / stock all morning and it's been working great so hop on in".  The lift moves up only about 2 feet and stops!!  Arrrgh!!  It was actually quite funny and wasn't stuck for too long.  If it's gonna happen, its gonna happen to me!!

They managed to reset the lift and I swiftly reverted to Plan A, carrying the baby.  Much safer.  HOWEVER, for my inconvenience they gave me lots more ribbons than I wanted at no extra charge.  I now hope to get stuck again!!!!

I also picked up a copy of Mollie Makes.  I have never bought an issue before.  It really is inspirational.  Looking forward to sitting down later with this, a hot cuppa and a bar of chocolate :-)

It's been so busy lately so I'm sorry I have not been around on here that much.  I also need to catch up on reading a lot of my fave blogs.

Last week was my first event of the year.  I was supposed to attend an earlier one but had to cancel as we all had flu.  Last week's went really well though and I met some truly wonderful people.

Sorry the pic is REALLY naff but I took it last minute - I almost forgot altogether.

I am in bit of a mad panic this week getting orders out and I have another event tomorrow.  Tomorrow it is St. David's Day here in Wales.  I shall be wearing one of my handmade daffodils with pride.

Tomorrow evening there is a St. David's Day concert at the Princess Royal Theatre in Port Talbot with lots of schools coming together to perform.  There will also be two special guests, Stephanie Hughes and Richard Lee Thomas who recently played lead roles in The Beauty and The Beast with the Neath Amateur Operatic Society.  Come along if you are local.  Tickets are just £2.00 each.  It should be a good event.

I have finally got round to updating the "Events" page on my website.  Take a look
If you are local to any of them come and pay a visit, I would love to see you.

Emma xxx

PS.  I have signed up to my first ever swap!  I am so excited.

You need to post 50 buttons off to your allocated partner and in return you receive 50 buttons.  I already can't wait to receive mine :-)

Visit NoodleBubble to find out more.


  1. I wouldn't mind getting stuck in a lift if it meant free ribbon lol! Only joking, I bet it was a bit scary especially with your little man there too! I have signed up for the button swap too - I do love buttons :) Have a lovely evening x

  2. Extra ribbon - lucky girl. As you say, well worth getting stuck...!!
    Loving the felt daffodils - very pretty.
    Jo. x

  3. What an adventure! Glad they gave you the ribbon. It is so cute!

  4. Sounds like quite an adventure. It was nice of them to help you feel better with free ribbon! I love that Home Sweet Home ribbon, too cute!

  5. Hi Just to say Hi, just discovered your blog and will 'follow' you !
    Sue x


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