Wednesday, 15 February 2012

It's been busy around these parts...


Hope you are all doing ok?  It's been a bit manic around here so I haven't blogged for a while.

Last week saw the completion of the trade order for the shop.  Wanna see all the goodies?

Lots of hand embroidered heart decorations, daffodil brooches, heart shaped brooches and bag charms.  Sorry the photo is a bit naff but you get the idea.

We had a very poorly household last week which was tough going.  We're all thankfully on the mend though.

I have made a couple of re-adjustments to the website to include cheaper postage and these wooden buttons are now £2.00 per pack instead of £2.20 :-)

This is the link to them on the website - BUTTONS

Today I have been making lots of leek brooches in readiness for St David's Day.

And having a mega sort out of all buttons, felt and ribbon.  Some American Crafts stash here, also available to purchase from the website :-)

I LOVE daffodils.  I took a pic of them yesterday afternoon which looked like this...

But when I came down this morning they had opened out...

Makes me feel all spring like.

Off to sort the boys tea now and finish some more sewing :-) xxx


  1. Lovely daffs - I have been eyeing up bunches of them in the fruit and veg shop, really must buy some! I love your makes for the shop - I'm sure they will sell really well. Cute buttons too, have a fab evening x

  2. Hi, this is Jo of Crafty Gifts & Cards on facebook... I'm from Aberdare and if I'm right - you're from Neath I think? I'm a fan of your page on facebook.
    I've been catching up on some of your blogs on here now too - God, I sound like your stalker...LOL.
    Love your makes and it looks like you are doing really well - long may it continue.....
    You can follow me on here too at:
    Bye for now, Jo. x

  3. Hello - new follower here!

    I love your post on craft stalls! Some excellent advice on there and I love your blog and website and of course your products! I make my own accessories and am in the process of setting up an online shop for them.

    Looking forward to the next blog post!

    Gherkin x


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