Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Curious Incident of the Clown at Lunch Time!!!

Wow!  What a busy time it is here.
I've been meaning to write this blog post for ages.  I have finally managed to escape for a few minutes to catch up with you all.

There have been lots of orders (fabulous - thank you), things to make for occasions for friends and family - I am so proud of myself that it is almost April and I have managed to stick to my New Years Resolution so far by making all my gifts.  There have been a few events, have met some fantastic people and have also met some unique, strange, odd, angry ones too!!!

I was at the Aberafan Shopping Centre last Tuesday for the day.  What a fantastic day it turned out to be in the end.  The morning started very slow, sold hardly anything and came across one of the most curious people I have ever met!!

This is how the story goes...  The Curious Incident of the Clown at Lunch Time...

Amongst lots of other things I had a couple of heart shaped decorations placed in a bowl which I had made from Cath Kidston fabric.

This lady came across to have a look at my things and pointed to the hearts and said "are these real Cath Kidston?"  I stated that it was genuine Cath Kidston fabric which I had purchased from the retail store in Cardiff and I had made my own thing out of it.
"They must be fake" she replied.
"oh dear, why do you think they are fake" I asked.
"Because they don't have a Cath Kidston label" she tells me.

I'll cut a long story short but basically she could not understand that you could purchase fabric from a Cath Kidston store and make something out of it yourself.

She proceeded to tell me that every item on my table was S**T and that I didn't deserve to be selling my items there!!!

Can you spot the little hearts in the bowl - the Cath Kidston ones...


She shows me her tote bag - which was a very pretty Cath Kidston one (with a label on!!)  And tells me that her bag was real because it was made by Cath Kidston herself.  I was amazed initially and asked her if she had been on one of Kidston's workshops etc to which she replied "no, I also bought this from the shop in Cardiff".

As you can imagine I was a little confused at this point and said to her that whilst I didn't want to enter into a debate as it wasn't very professional of me I had to point out that as beautiful as Cath Kidston products are (and I own a LOT of her stuff as I love it), it is factory made, not locally made and not by Cath herself.  She designs everything and may well do a few prototypes but the things in her stores are mass produced.  She argued me black and blue that each and every Cath Kidston product is made by Cath herself.  Can you imagine if they were?  The poor woman would have no sleep and must have cloned herself 5 million times!!!

She made me so angry in the end (I didn't show this of course, on the outside I remained cool, calm and collected but on the inside I was screaming "you mad woman")!!!!  I asked her to look at the label that would be sewn to the inside of her bag to which she read "made in china".  She turned bright red and walked away.

I felt embarrassed with myself for embarrassing someone else but this woman  was completely mad and made me so upset the fact that she made derogatory comments about my work.

The afternoon really picked up though and I sold a lot of items and came away with a wonderful profit.  The pics are of some events this week.  I've been a busy little bee.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you who are mum's.
This is what I made my mum...

It's also my cat Oscar's 3rd birthday today and we have actually celebrated it with chocolate cake!!  We are most certainly mad in this house but I hope I am not as mad as the Curious Clown at Lunch Time!!


  1. The woman was clearly nuts! Your items are all beautiful and if she thought that Cath Kidston made each item, well, enough said! I am always the one that gets the nutters approach them! They must be drawn to me! How rude of her though. Good for you pointing out the Made in China label. If it were me she may have been wearing the bag by the time I had finished with her! Sue x

  2. Wow, all I can say is that Cath Kidston is one BUSY lady. Imagine that, she actually has the time to make all those things herself, wonder how she does it LOL. As they say "there's nowt queer as folk"! I would never have the gall to tell someone their work is s**t even if I thought it was. I'm now just going to check inside my Cath Kidston bag to see what it says lol because she probably made it herself you know because it does have her name on the label lol xx

  3. That lady sounnds like a bit of a nutcase! It takes all kinds to make this world of ours go round unfortunately, and I say good for you for getting her to look at the label sewn into her bag. YOur stall looks great, your products are awesome and I hope you didn't let the old womans comments affect your sense of self in any way xx

  4. What a crazy woman, you were more patient than I would have been. Everything on your stall looked fabulous, especially the cushions.

  5. Aw bless her crazy cotton socks! You did well to keep your cool, your stall looks amazing and your products are always so beautiful. Love your Mother's Day gift - bet your Mum loved it! It was my son's birthday yesterday too, so I had a lovely Mother's Day sharing it with his special day - lots of Lego was built :) x

  6. All I can say is "Well done" for holding it together...!!!
    Some people are just too daft to believe aren't they. Your 'Cath' hearts are gorgeous & so is everything else.
    Jo. x

  7. Oh God Bless the crazy people of Wales!! They never fail to amuse/surprise me!! (there are LOTS of those people round my way!!)

    Well done you for staying professional and your pop up shop looks amazing! Im so glad it went well for you :)

    Luv Rhi x x


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