Sunday, 19 February 2012

A Feature in a Magazine and Fat Free Easter Eggs!!

I completely forgot (since it was organized a little while back) that I was going to have a little feature in Popular Crafts Magazine this month.  You have a chance to win some of my handmade goodies in a competition they are running in their March issue which is on sale now.  

And this is it...

Can you spot my hand embroidered hearts???

Here's a close up...

If you don't win the competition or if you are interested in purchasing a hand embroidered heart then you can purchase them from the website - or email me  They can have any word embroidered onto the front (as long as I can fit it in the gap)!!  They are £6.00 each plus postage.

Last night and this morning I made a handful of Easter Egg decorations.  They really do make me smile.  And what has made me smile even more is that some have been sold already and I will be making some more.  Happy happy :-)

Have you paid a visit to the Facebook page?  Here is the link -

I know it is a LONG way off yet but I am on a mission to get to 1,000 likes.  Not even half way yet so it will be a long process but I am looking forward to meeting new people along the way.  AND GUESS WHAT???  When I do get to 1,000 likes I shall be running a super duper big competition where you lovely people have a chance to win LOTS of handmade goodies as well as crafting supplies for those who prefer to make their own.  So spread the word and help Sweet Williams reach the big 1,000 :-)

Hope you have all had a fabulous weekend.  I'm now starting to get preparations underway for the first event of 2012 which is next Friday where I shall be having a stall to sell my goodies.  I will make sure I take pics.

Emma xxx


  1. Congrats on the feature, that is really fab - great prize too, I really love your shabby chic hearts!
    Cute eggs - really love the red one!
    Good luck at the craft fair too, have a lovely week x

  2. Congrats.....
    Well done, they look fab. xx

  3. It is so cool to see your craft published!
    I m happy for you and will be sure to "like" your FB page!

  4. WoW! What a great read and such lovely pics. I adore the eggs, I have to say. I am still in the absolute infancy of my little side-line of crafty sales and am seeking inspiration from every quarter. I have to say that your blog has REALLY inspired me! I will sign up, like FB and whatever else to show my appreciation!


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