Sunday, 15 April 2012

Catch Up and Button Swap!


As ever, busy.  Hope you are all good.

I have had the most fabulous weekend.  I have done quite a few craft fairs in the last couple of weeks and Friday and yesterday I was at the newly refurbished Gwyn Hall in Neath.  The first day was rather quiet but I still sold a number of items and made a decent profit so I came away happy.  Yesterday, turned up expecting much the same but it was much busier, my takings were fantastic and met some wonderful people.  A couple of others had a similar day so to celebrate we piled into the pub afterwards.  It was really refreshing to make some new friends and am now planning things for the future which I will have to keep up my sleeve for now...

Photos from the weekend...

I have been meaning to blog about my button swap for some time.  I was paired up with Rachael from Sew Ray Me.  It was really simple, you select 50 buttons to send to your swap partner and in return they send you 50.  I couldn't wait for mine to arrive.  When it did it looked like this...

Yummy chocolate :-) and a lovely pink gingham fabric parcel.

And inside...

A selection of gorgeous buttons.  Thank you so much Rachael.

NOW, I would love to show you what I sent but I am still unsure if my parcel has arrived.  A week after I sent it, it still hadn't turned up which I am very sad about and am hoping that the Easter holidays has held it up.  Rachael, if you are reading this and your parcel still hasn't arrived I'll check it out with the Post Office and then arrange to send you something else xx

Today I have worked so hard on the website to get it a bit more up to date.  Here is the link...

Go check it out and let me know what you think.

I am planning an interesting blog post on pricing and the current market with regard to handmade items so keep your eyes peeled.  

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  1. Your stall looks fab - well done... !!

  2. I love all your makes. They are exactly to my taste! I wish you continued success with your blog and your business. Mandy :)

  3. I sure think that looks like fun. I haven't sold at a craft fair for years. I know it can be frustrating and also amazing! So I am glad that yours was the latter! Love the buttons!

  4. Hi Emma,

    Unfortunately no buttons have arrived :(

    Your craft fair stall looks great! You have so much room and massive amounts of table space. I have not had a lot of luck at craft fairs lately so I think I'll be concentrating more on online selling - unless a fantastic craft fair comes up ;)


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