Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Love is in the air...

Now if you know me well you will know that I don't "do" Valentines.  I don't "do" romance and all that jazz so when hubby came home yesterday and saw this...

I think he almost keeled over with shock!!!

I made these cute little Valentines brooches and couldn't resist setting up a scene!!!  I have also made little heart decorations and super cute bunting which I will show you in another post soon.

Aren't they cute altogether???

I've come over all lovey dovey!!  My hubby read this he'll think he's got himself a new wife!!!

The kids (and hubby) loved eating the strawberry pink Angel Delight afterwards in any event!!!


  1. Oh..I love your little hearts. I am certainly going to be a copy cat and try to make some.
    Enjoyed visiting your blog. ))smiles))

  2. Gorgeous little hearts!! I watched Bridget Jones 'Edge of Reason' last night for about the umpteenth time. Really makes me feel warm & fuzzy!
    Lovely to see you at my blog, I can see we have one major thing in common - We love fabric!!!

    Happy stitching : D

    Sharon xx

  3. These are super cute! Mmmmm angel delight nom nom nom :D I look forward to seeing the bunting.


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