Thursday, 10 April 2014

Being honest...

Hello you lovely lot,

I wanted to write this blog post because I want to be honest and keep you updated with what is going on...

You know when you are so passionate about something and it feels like a dream come true when you get to do it full time but then something else comes along all of a sudden and completely takes you by surprise and life completely flips on its head...  that is me right now!!

Lots of you know that my background is in law, I had been a Legal Assistant for 10 years but was made redundant last October (a cut to legal aid in family law meant I no longer had a job), but I took that as my kick up the backside to crack on with Sweet Williams and it gave me the push I needed to really get my sewing business off the ground.  It was a now or never moment!

It started amazingly well, launch of my new luxury range, updated website, orders, stocking shops, new workshop schedule.  All busy busy.  Its been paying the bills, but recently I've not been feeling satisfied.  It is incredibly time consuming and so many people complain about prices, waiting lists, postage, fabric choices, the list goes on and on and it does get you down.  No business comes without its problems but I have been working many 18 hour days with Sweet Williams for a long time and I've now actually come to breaking point with it.  I absolutely love it so much, I love making, sewing, running my classes, which are always full and of course all my customers, because of course it wouldn't exist at all without any of you.  But I've come to the stage where things have to change a bit.

The thing that has flipped it on its head is my new business working under the umbrella of a health and wellbeing company.  I took a look at the opportunity in January.  I went to have a chat with someone (who is now my mentor), feeling very sceptical, thinking this person was completely crackers and this wouldn't be for me.  But I went along anyway because I was open minded.  By the end of the meeting the pair of us were in tears because I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  There were products to improve my family's poor health and there was a business opportunity that could potentially change my life.

I decided to go for it and got started in February.  In March I got my first promotion and got to receive recognition on stage in front of 2,000 people at Cheltenham Racecourse.  Its now April and I am heading for another promotion shortly.  I've been spending around 8 hours a week helping others and recommending some amazing products and it has completely overtaken Sweet Williams.  What I am earning with Sweet Williams doing 18 hour days, very often 6 days a week I am earning with the new business working just 8 hour weeks - that's little over an hour a day.  That income will increase A LOT by June and will then continue to rise month on month making this a bit of a no brainer for me.

Me with Managing Director Bob Parker collecting my promotion

This was my view from the stage!  Amazing!

If I continue long term with Sweet Williams I am looking at paying myself minimum wage for the remainder of my crafty career.  This is based on the fact that orders come in dribs and drabs so one month might be fantastic, another month really poor.  If I work the new business I am looking at a six figure income within the next few years guaranteed.  Makes you wonder doesn't it.  What has surprised me most is that I am enjoying this new business more than I have ever enjoyed any other job as its so much fun, the work is so different to what I imagined it would be like - its so satisfying helping others to grow a big successful business.  Plus what a feeling being recognised on that stage - I felt famous for a little while!!

With this in mind I am going to be taking less orders.  I will be offering slots once a month.  I will be running my workshops as normal right up to the summer holidays and I will be making a decision in the summer as to whether or not I leave Sweet Williams behind.  I love my sewing business so much, its a huge part of my life, so this will be an incredibly hard decision to make but I'm starting to have doubts about it working for me full time for the rest of my life, knowing now how the new business can work for me, having overtaken Sweet Williams so quickly and knowing I cannot go backwards, only forwards.

Nothing is set in stone, but I wanted to keep you all fully updated as to what is going on.

I feel very excited for my family's future.

I'll continue to keep you updated.

Emma xxx

Ps.  If anyone reading this would like to find out a little more about my new business, do get in touch with me to find out if it could be something that could work for you too.  I'm currently looking for enthusiastic, hard working individuals to join my fast moving team.  No qualifications or previous experience required, just honest, reliable, hard working people looking to achieve a six figure income in the next couple of years.  There are monthly bonuses for everyone, incentives offered, including 5* holidays and company car amongst others.

Phone:  07961 071405
Facebook: - you can add me as a friend and private message me for information.

It may or may not be something for you... but if it is, it will change your life x

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