Tuesday, 18 August 2015

The New Studio!

Firstly, thank you so much.  I received so many wonderful messages following my last blog post about expanding Sweet Williams, so I wanted to give you a little update on how the new sewing studio is looking.

Here is a before photo of the new studio...

Here are some progress photos...

Starting to take shape...

And this is how it looks now...

Do you like the canvases I made?  I stretched sewing related fabric onto canvas.  Really effective!

The cutting table!

Fabric and button stash!

Love my new sign.  Very true!

Individual sewing stations for workshops.  Another one has been added in since this photo.

You can't beat some fresh flowers!

So, what do you think??  I am so pleased with the space, its a really lovely place to work and I feel very proud of its progress.

This is Lucy,

Lucy is a new addition to the Sweet Williams team.  She has been a real asset this last couple of weeks and I am enjoying her company.  She has been helping me with lots of tasks to fulfil shop orders and today made a start on cutting out some Christmas things ready for festive makes!

I am busy behind the scenes preparing for new workshops, Christmas makes, orders, paperwork... an endless list of tasks really, and if you are a subscriber to my newsletter (link on my website www.sweet-williams.biz) you will be the first to hear all about these new classes very shortly!

Until next time...

Emma xxx

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  1. Wishing you every possible success in your new studio.Still can't quite believe that you got someone as phobic about sewing machines as me to actually produce a cushion and a doorstop👏.Make sure you find some time for yourself and of course 🍷and🍰.


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