Wednesday, 22 January 2014

When things don't go to plan... new gorgeous workshop... and news...

I ran a sewing machine workshop last weekend.  I don't know why but way back when I booked the date last year something told me that it wasn't all going to quite go to plan.  Funny that!

I ran a class to make a fabric wall organiser and it was a fully booked class which I was so thrilled about but a couple of people had to cancel which was disappointing (for them as well as for me as they had paid for the class).

The class got off to a flying start, there were lots of fabrics to choose from.

The morning which flew by was dedicated to choosing, measuring, cutting out, creating pockets and then the afternoon was to be dedicated to sewing everything together.

That is where everything went wrong!!

I made the awful mistake of letting time run away, for not keeping my eye on the clock.  I don't think I anticipated the choosing of the fabrics in the morning taking quite as long and I know for next time to plan better for a bigger class.  I think I may also have created a project that was too big to re-create in a day.  It made me realise that just because I am a super speedy sewer, not everyone else is.  And also, my classes are not about rushing along, its about being relaxed, having fun and an opportunity to escape from the world to create something beautiful.

Come 4pm we were told that they were locking the gates so we needed to pack away swiftly... aaaargh!!! Everyone had their pockets and bits and bobs sewn on but the whole thing hadn't been sewn together yet.  I panicked, took charge getting everyone to pin their pieces together and get everything sewn up as quickly as possible so they could take a finished project home.  Well, that was simply disaster!  Because I panicked and got overwhelmed by it all I somehow managed to get everyone to sew it the WRONG WAY which meant that when their project was turned the right way out, the wadding that was supposed to be in the middle of the two pieces of fabric was on the outside!!  I could have died!!

Everyone was incredibly kind and understanding and were more than happy to take their project with them to finish off at home.  It was a bit of a mad dash then to get everything packed up and my ladies were even so kind as to help me carry everything back to the car!  Despite all of this I really did have such a fun day and loved every minute of it.

I have been running workshops for almost a year now and majority have been near perfect.  I guess it was only time before something went wrong!!  BUT, I am trying not to let it get to me and I just know to simplify and plan a little better next time.  I am only human and we all make mistakes from time to time as embarrassing as it is...

This is the finished project of one of my ladies' creations.  LOVE the pop of colour.

I still had wonderful feedback which was lovely and much appreciated.


This Saturday (25th January 2014) I am running my next class at Port Talbot Library.  It is an 11am start and will run for around an hour and a half to two hours.  I promise this will be a better organised class!!  I am used to running my library events and am confident that this one will be just perfect.

Just wait until you see what we are making:

The MOST GORGEOUS pin cushion.  We started the year by making a needle book which every sewer needs.  The other thing every sewer needs is a pin cushion just like this...

Isn't it just the cutest thing ever?

And you will be able to make your very own at this Saturday's class.

This class is at the very low price of just £5 per person.

Speaking of prices, lots of you will be aware that my business is going through a bit of a change this year - well behind the scenes its actually a massive change and there are going to be so many new things, especially when I launch my new website which will include an online sewing membership club which will be available worldwide!  From July my prices for these mini hand sewing workshops classes will be increasing .  From May I will have been running these classes a year and have become much more confident with them and its been fantastic to trial them, to get feedback etc.  I am sure many of you will agree that at the present time £5 for two hours of sewing where absolutely everything is provided, the fabric, felt, scissors, templates, patterns, sewing expertise, chit chat, lovely venue, refreshments, sweet treats and a linked book club all for just £5 is exceptional and you won't find that anywhere else.  I will be creating new and exciting classes from July onwards with a new pricing structure. These will be called taster sessions.  Again, as many of you are already aware this is now my full time job (it is a dream come true) but it also needs to put food on the table and support my family which is my reasoning behind this (and the fact that they are silly madness prices anyway).  Classes will continue as advertised at the rate of £5 per person per class (unless otherwise stated) up until July as planned so if you want to come along and try out a Sweet Williams Sewing Workshop to see if its for you, now's the time to do it!

Will be fabulous if you can make it to Saturday's class to make the pin cushion (its even cuter in real life)!

Emma xxx


  1. Oh what a shame re time running out but I guess it is all a learning curve and sounds like everyone is happy in the end. Your projects are so much to my taste but I am a two or three hour drive away so just not practical. Such a pity. Your class prices are dab too! I wish you continued good luck. Mandy x

  2. i love the workshops at the library, i will happily pay more in july :) i love using the sessions to catch up with my lovely friend!

  3. Greart blog Emma - don't sweat the timing though, it happens. I sometimes run craft classes at the school I work in and I have 1 hour to explain, teach & get the product finished with up to 30 teenage girls. And I have to get it all set up again for the next class...!!! All good fun though.
    All the best,
    Jo. x


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