Sunday, 6 January 2013

A Belated Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to you all!

Yes, I realise I'm a little late.  Why does time go so fast the older you get?  I swear the fairies come in daily to change the hands on the clock when I'm not looking.

Button heart detail on a cushion for an order.  LOVE the bright colours

 Did you all have a nice Christmas?  Ours was very enjoyable and it was so lovely to have a rest.

Our Christmas!

I've had several 3am finishes the last couple of nights to try and sift through my sewing pile but I don't seem to be getting anywhere.

The lead up to Christmas was just so manic with orders, preparations, school activities etc that I think I've had a bit of a slump and now I need a kick up the bum to get going again.  It doesn't help that I've eaten my body weight in mince pies and selection boxes!

Bright colourful details on a tote bag I made for an order

What I have managed to do over the Christmas break was to get my website back fully functioning.  It has been down for maintenance for far longer than I anticipated.  Here is the link.  I would love to know your views: -

I have several things in my sewing pile this New Year which is all good.  I have finished two cushions which have already gone to new homes.  I have a pile of flags to turn into bunting for a baby's nursery to finish, several hearts for Valentines and Mother's Day, two door stops and an apron.  Plenty to keep me going.

I finished this cushion yesterday.  I am in love with its fresh summary feel.  Plus its big and squishy so very comfy.  It's not been added to the website but its for sale over on Facebook or I am happy to take enquiries via email ( if anyone is interested in giving it a home.

I have had to rethink some of my prices over Christmas again.  I have sat down with a list of my products, worked out the cost of materials etc and I have had to raise them slightly on some products.  I have started using better quality fabrics (I have a stash of Liberty fabrics on its way) and I'm using lots of vintage, ceramic, mother of pearl buttons etc lots more which of course cost me more.  I have introduced a flat rate of postage to £3.00 per parcel.  This is based on the fact that the majority of my parcels cost me £2.70 to post Royal Mail 1st class post and I've added on a small extra (very small) to account for tissue paper and packaging.  I'm still making a loss on packing materials but I don't think I can justify charging any more than this for postage as I don't want to put people off!  Why does pricing have to be such a minefield?  I've been having nightmares about it.

I have also been having a little think about craft fairs, events etc.  I done quite a lot last year.  I am hoping to purchase new stands to make my stall look a little different this year although I think I need to be a little more selective with which events I do now.  Because of my type of product I don't know if I quite fit in with many of them any more.  Why does the general public still feel they have to connect craft fair with cheap old fashioned products?  Why are they not thinking modern day craft using high quality materials and great skill? I don't think a lot of folk realise that craft fairs are not usually the place for hobbyists any more, there are real businesses there trying to earn a living...

I shall get off my soapbox now before I start one of my rants I am often well known for...

I hope to be blogging lots more.  I am hoping to make more time for it as I do miss it.  But I am off to do some more sewing and get ready to go back to the day job tomorrow - UGH!


  1. Happy new year to you too! Glad you hear you managed a very well deserved break over the Christmas period.

    Ive also been re-thinking my Craft Fayre presence lately, wondering whether its worth just paying out for the bigger ones say that are only four or five times a year and leaving the smaller ones. Am still undecided though!

    Wishing you an even more successful 2013!

    Hugs, Rhi x x

  2. Happy New Year! Sounds like you had a nice festive Christmas hol! Here's to a fab 2013!

    Estelle xx

  3. Happy New Year!
    Love all your latest makes! Took a look at your website and i think it is great! Clear, good descriptions and photos and reasonable prices.
    I am still learning to sew things but it is such a lovely hobby. Sometimes it is enough to just look at all my fabric, buttons, ribbons etc. So uplifting with all the prettiness.
    Look forward to your future blog posts.
    Mandy x

  4. It sure looks like you been busy. One goal i have to this year is more sewing!! I love all your pretty things. Thanks you so very much for all your kind and sweet comments about my dad and his heart. It is so nice of you.

  5. Love all of the pretty things you have made. They look great. I have only been sewing for a month but have aspirations to be able to do it professionally and it's great to see that it is actually achievable. Katie x

  6. Happy New Year to you too Emma! It really is inspirational to see how well your business is doing - I have no idea how you find the time!! I too have had a re-think about fairs/markets and decided to have a break from them for a while. Wishing you and all your business the best for 2013 xx


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